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inSTREAMLY is one of the most pleasant platforms I've had the opportunity to work with. The interface is extremely transparent and intuitive. Working with inSTREAMLY is a pure pleasure and helped me greatly to develop creatively. I can recommend this tool with confidence to anyone who wants to develop as a streamer.

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I respect inSTREAMLY for giving streamers the chance to grow and earn regardless of their popularity. Personally, I value independence very much, which is why I enjoy having a free hand with inS to choose the campaigns in which I want to participate. My audience knows perfectly well that by being interested in the advertised content they can support me financially, and the money earned in this way allows me to diversify the stream by buying new games, computer parts and even a console. Actively working with inSTREAMLY largely allows me to make a living from what I love.

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What is inSTREAMLY to me? I think it is a great tool that allows you to work with global brands in a friendly way. Virtually everything can be done with a few clicks, so it doesn't take me much time. And most importantly - promotional displays are integrated to the stream and do not interrupt viewers in watching :D

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