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Fashion campaigns made with inStreamly. 10 success stories

Fashion campaigns made with inStreamly. 10 success stories

Latest fashion trends are being closely watched by Generation Z and Millennials. Considering the fact that those target groups are also huge fans of gaming and streaming, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of it in campaigns.

World-renowned brands like Giorgio Armani, Adidas, Converse or Decathlon have already unlisted the potential streaming offers. And these are just a few of the many companies that have run sponsorship campaigns with inStreamly. Let’s take a closer look at how have they approached their activations.

Anonymized average results of Fashion campaigns on inStreamly:

  • 550.000+ views on average
  • 10.000 clicks on average
  • Over 2.3% CTR on average
  • Over 1000 streamers on average

Giorgio Armani uses Nickname Mechanism

In their campaign for the Giorgio Armani perfume, Armani used a nickname mechanism that called out viewers by nicknames, showing them on the artwork and making the interaction more personal and engaging. This approach made viewers feel special and closer to the brand. The creative direction of the campaign showcased the perfume as a new take on masculinity—bold and sophisticated. It positioned the fragrance as a symbol of contemporary elegance.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1046

Dynamic copy in Adidas campaign

In the Adidas Originals campaign, Adidas introduced a dynamic copy mechanism to keep campaign visuals fresh, rotating messages to emphasize the theme: “BE ORIGINAL” Highlighting the parallel between gamers’ unique styles and personal fashion, the campaign encouraged individuals to express their originality through Adidas Originals.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1604

Martes Sport tailors artwork to weather conditions

Martes in their campaign successfully utilized an API to dynamically tailor digital artwork to reflect real-time weather conditions, suggesting appropriate apparel from their collection as “armor” for the weather’s challenges. This creative terminology, designed to resonate with the gaming community, enhanced the relevance and appeal of their outdoor attire. The integration of technology and gamer-centric messaging effectively engaged the target audience, showcasing Martes’ deep understanding of their lifestyle and preferences.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1031

Nearly 1000 streamers in Converse campaign

Converse transformed the entire broadcast screen into an immersive skatepark artwork, highlighting their shoes as the central element of the action. The dynamic design featured ramps, handrails, staircases, and other iconic skatepark features, extending from the screen’s edges to captivate viewers with an engaging and attention-grabbing display.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 978

Zalando Lounge invites entering the game

Zalando LOUNGE crafted an aesthetically captivating artwork paired with an intriguing tagline, “Do you want to enter the game?”, which was strategically placed across hundreds of popular streaming channels. This mysterious and inviting message was designed to pique the curiosity of viewers, prompting them to engage further by clicking on a link provided in the chat.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1361

CCC showcases sports footwear

In the #GameGaragePlayoffs campaign by CCC, they brought together top names from music, gaming, and the online world to showcase their sports footwear collection. The brand featured outfits from Poland’s most popular influencers on different gaming streams, encouraging viewers to choose their own favorite look on CCC’s website. This interactive approach blended fashion with gaming, engaging a wide audience directly in their campaign.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 777

House introduces NPC

In a creative campaign, House leveraged the gaming community’s passion by introducing an NPC (Non-Player Character)-themed artwork alongside a compelling tagline: “Time to change your skin IRL.” This clever play on gaming terminology encouraged gamers to consider upgrading their real-life wardrobe with House’s latest fashion collection. Recognizing the value of quick reflexes in gaming, House offered an exclusive incentive: a 20% discount on their newest items for the first 100 viewers who acted swiftly. This strategy not only appealed to gamers’ desire for exclusivity and reward but also seamlessly integrated House’s brand into the gaming world, making fashion an exciting part of the gaming experience.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 556

Decathlon tackles the issue of skipping PE classes

Decathlon tackled the issue of Polish students skipping PE classes with a creative campaign, suggesting that a subject’s significance is elevated when it’s part of major exams like the matura exam. By advocating for the inclusion of PE in this crucial exam, they aimed to reshape how young people perceive physical education’s value. To drive this point home and enact real change, Decathlon launched a petition-signing initiative, leveraging streaming platforms to engage viewers and gather support. This strategic approach sought to address the problem of absenteeism in PE classes and promote a lifelong commitment to physical activity and health.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1076

Gioseppo uses a full-screen artwork

The Gioseppo “Hot Potatoes” campaign featured a captivating full-screen artwork on stream, showcasing the brand’s mascot—a potato—sporting Gioseppo slippers as it walked across the screen. This engaging artwork culminated with the brand hero offering gamers a 10% discount code, effectively incentivizing product purchases. This approach seamlessly integrated product promotion into the gaming experience, enhancing audience engagement.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1213

Martes Sport promotes a sales event

Martes’ campaign cleverly targeted gamers to promote their sales event, encouraging them to explore deals on sports gear with “Łap sportowe okazje z Martes” (Catch sports deals with Martes). By connecting with gamers on their favorite platforms, Martes effectively bridged gaming with physical fitness, driving traffic to their online store and promoting an active lifestyle through enticing discounts.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1162
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