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Games campaigns made with inStreamly. 10 examples

Games campaigns made with inStreamly. 10 examples

The calendar of new game releases is jam-packed. As a result, publishers and developers of games are constantly fighting for the attention of gamers. To get there, they are working closely with Twitch and YouTube streamers. Streamers’ audiences are highly focused on gaming, so it is definitely the right thing to do.

inStreamly offers game developers and producers a perfect tool to reach a huge gaming audience. Sponsorship campaigns with Twitch and YouTube streamers for Ubisoft, Square Enix, CD Projekt Red, Sony or Riot Games are some of the best examples.

Anonymized average results of Games campaigns on inStreamly:

  • 425.000 views on average
  • 14.500 clicks on average
  • Over 3% CTR on average
  • Over 500 streamers on average

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty builds anticipation with countdown mechanism

For the launch of “Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty,” CD Projekt Red implemented a captivating countdown mechanism to build anticipation. As the premiere approached, they displayed a live countdown clock across gaming streams, enabling viewers to watch the time tick away until the release. This strategy not only heightened excitement but also kept the game prominently in the minds of potential players, creating a sense of urgency and eagerness as the countdown drew closer to zero.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 982

PS5 campaign features nearly 2000 streamers

Sony PlayStation’s campaign harnessed the TV FakeNews theme to capture the audience’s attention, promoting the latest games available for PS5. This strategic move not only sparked curiosity among viewers but also cleverly emphasized the immersive, cutting-edge gaming experiences unique to the PS5 platform, making it a standout in the gaming world.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1846

Sony ramps up Spider-Man 2 excitement

For the launch of “Spider-Man 2,” Sony PlayStation showcased the game’s most captivating trailer moments, emphasizing iconic Spider-Man city swings and character of Venom, a key antagonist. This approach not only highlighted the game’s advanced graphics and dynamic gameplay but also significantly amplified anticipation among fans and gamers alike, setting the stage for a highly successful premiere.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1614

Football legends in the FC24 campaign

During the FC24 release, Sony unveiled a compelling trailer spotlighting legendary football figures, aimed at capturing the attention of football enthusiasts. The approach utilized the allure of famous athletes to foster a connection with viewers, motivating them to dive into the FC24 gaming experience.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 820

VALORANT utilizes the Dynamic Copy mechanism

In their awareness campaign, VALORANT implemented a Dynamic Copy mechanism that automatically changed the displayed copy on the artwork, keeping it fresh throughout the campaign’s span. They ensured that the messaging remained engaging and relevant, directly appealing to fans of First-Person Shooter (FPS) games by highlighting aspects unique to the FPS genre.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1447

Square Enix promotes new game

Square Enix’s campaign for Outriders aimed to introduce the latest game to a wide audience while highlighting its unique graphics and gameplay. We utilized separate creatives for two campaign flights, creatively designed to appear integrated into the streaming experience, enticing viewers to click and explore the new game. The campaign maintained consistency across platforms by incorporating excerpts from the game’s trailer.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 185

1C Studio targets FPS fans

The 1C Studio’s campaign for Caliber aimed to reach a broad audience in Germany and the United States, with a focus on stream targeting within the FPS/Shooter game genre. The campaign featured creative content in both German and English. The clear, semi-transparent visuals and prominent copy ensured the creative’s clarity for viewers.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 239

Engaging MMORPG communities

In this campaign, Broken Ranks’ goal was to engage streamers within the MMORPG gaming community by allowing them to experience the game firsthand and share their insights with their audience. Each streamer received detailed information about the game’s key elements, including its turn-based combat, visually stunning hand-drawn backgrounds, and the isometric view inspired by Baldur’s Gate, all while incorporating links and our producer’s logo to seamlessly direct viewers to the game’s landing page.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 60

Ubisoft invites players to Riders Republic

In a world of action-packed games, banner overlays often get lost in the chaos. But with a touch of creativity and vibrant energy, Riders Republic found a solution. The campaign brought the multicolored smoke of Riders Republic to life with explosive animations, capturing the audience’s attention. The campaign was active in four markets: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 194

Techland highlights the game’s distinct day/night cycle

Techland created two interconnected artworks for “Dying Light 2: Stay Human,” highlighting the game’s distinct day-night cycle. Depending on the time of the day, they displayed: vibrant, exploration-focused visuals for day, and intense, survival-themed images for night. These artworks perfectly captured the game’s core of both beauty and danger.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 348

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