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It’s Ok Not to Be Ok – inStreamly Workplace Mental Health

It’s Ok Not to Be Ok – inStreamly Workplace Mental Health

Fruit Wednesdays, medical insurance, sports programs. In recent years companies across various industries have pushed the case for a healthy lifestyle. But how many companies really care about a balanced and fulfilling life? How many of them care about a workplace mental health?

It Matters!

According to the Harvard Business Review studies, 68% of Millennials (50% in 2019) and 81% of Gen Zers (75% in 2019) have left jobs due to mental health reasons, voluntarily and involuntarily, compared with 50% of respondents overall (34% in 2019). Moreover, 91 of the respondents are convinced that employers should support employees in dealing with mental health issues.

However, as other studies conducted by Ginger revealed, it’s not as great as it might seem. According to data, 96% of CEOs believe they are doing enough for employee mental health, but only 69% of employees feel the same. These statistics show that mental health in the workplace is not a marginal matter, and it should be one of the primary concerns for any company. 

So, how do we handle this issue at inStreamly?

It’s ok!

At inStreamly, we understand that anyone can feel down, depressed, anxious or stressed. These feelings will impact work performance, communication and well-being of the person affected as well as their team. 

Regardless if the source of these issues is private life or work, it’s disturbing the balance and not dealing with it may lead to burnout and depression. This is why we have introduced free psychological support for all our employees with the HearMe platform. 

What Is HearMe, and How Do We Use It?

HearMe is a platform connecting employees with experienced psychoanalysts. With HearMe, we give all our employees free access to the help they otherwise might not get. The platform allows anyone in the company to schedule an online session with a therapist to help them in difficulties they may experience, whether it’s work-related or in their private life. We decided not to limit anyone to any particular number of visits either. It goes without saying that the sessions are 100% anonymous and confidential.

The happiness of our employees is essential to our business. We have found HearMe the perfect addition to the long list of other activities and programs in our company. From physical activities to offline meetings, we want to give every team member a chance to find the best way to balance work, life, and mental health.

And we want to say: It’s OK not to be OK all the time.

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