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‘Streamers x Esports x Marketing Relationship’: A One-Of-A-Kind Insight

‘Streamers x Esports x Marketing Relationship’: A One-Of-A-Kind Insight

The modern esports industry is more than just a space for competitive tournaments. Today, organisations have become lifestyle hubs providing fans with entertainment and content. Engaged fans gather around creators and pro-players. This audience is a perfect match for marketing agencies wanting to connect with them in profound and meaningful ways. Understanding the mechanisms behind modern esports is key to effectively connecting streamers, fans, and brands.

Until now, comprehensive sources on this topic were scarce, to say the least, which is why we have prepared a ‘Streamers x Esports x Marketing Relationship’ whitepaper with the Esports Insider and some of the industry’s biggest names.

The whitepaper is a unique look at the realities of modern-day esports and the streaming industry, with insights from experts in their respective fields and a focus on three key aspects of managing modern organisations as well as effective streaming use in marketing activities.

Streaming’s Place in the Esports Ecosystem

The first part – ‘Streaming in the esport ecosystem’ – is a great way to find out how streamers synergise with the broader perspective of an organisation. The Esports Insider team lays ground, showing the growth of the streaming scene in recent years. David Yang from FaZe Clan shares his thoughts on FaZe’s approach to streaming and answers the question “why streaming is needed. Nicola Piggott, co-founder and CEO of The Story Mob, gives precious tips to brands wanting to engage with esports streaming.

In his look at the content revolution we are experiencing, Damian Szafirsztein, co-owner and CCO of Infinity Esports, points to the main reasons why brands should enter esports and streaming marketing today. Finally, Jerome Coupez, CEO of Prodigy Agency, shares his take on the differences between content creators and professional players.

Executing Successful Marketing Strategies in Esports and Streaming

The second chapter of the report, named ‘Marketing execution’, is all about bringing brand & esports organisations marketing to new heights. In it, MediaCom Sport & Entertainment experts share brands and media agency points of view regarding expectations while working with streaming networks. Co-authors of the report provide tips on the best practices for streaming campaigns.

Readers can also find out which campaigns the authors consider to be the best examples of live-streaming marketing and what made them memorable. To close things off, Jakub Janaszek, Streamcoi Product Lead, shares his experiences with streaming esports events on multiple broadcasts simultaneously.

Working With and Developing Streamer Talents

The last part of the whitepaper – ‘Managing Streamers’- revolves around managing talents in streaming networks. The authors point out the key challenges anyone responsible for a streamer network has to keep in mind. Jakub Janaszek gives readers an overview of steamer needs. Next, Darren Yan shares his perspective on the scouting and development of individual talent. Philipp Neubauer, CMO of Berlin International Gaming, also discusses the best practices for managing streamer collaboration.

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We are thrilled to contribute to creating a great overview of the streaming ecosystem and its connections to esports. This whitepaper is a first-of-its-kind approach to modern esports marketing and streaming. We hope it will help the whole community to master the potential of streaming.

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