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Saving lives in Ukraine by playing Fortnite. 2000+ streamers joined the campaign

Saving lives in Ukraine by playing Fortnite. 2000+ streamers joined the campaign

Helping others is in the DNA of gamers. They do it in games, but also in real life. The gaming community has once again proven its willingness to contribute to those in need. Over 2000 gaming streamers from different countries have joined a non-profit campaign to raise money for Ukraine through The Donation Map activation.

  • Campaign Creation: Havas Play France, Havas Digital Kyiv
  • Map Creation: CTRL/ART/D
  • Streamer Campaign: inStreamly 

The Donation Map in Fortnite

The centerpiece of the campaign was a Fortnite space called The Donation Map. It enabled players from all over the world to visit an exact replica of the iconic Independence Square in Kyiv, and learn about the Ukrainian capital thanks to the billboards on the map.

However, how can a Fortnite map help save lives in Ukraine? The rule is simple: playing or staying on it generates money, so the more people play, explore, and stay, the more money is raised. Ultimately, all the money generated is donated to the UNITED24 account to help rebuild the Prybuzka Outpatient Clinic in the Mykolaiv region.

For this reason, the main challenge of the campaign was to bring as many players as possible to The Donation Map. In order to do this, the inStreamly and their global partners joined forces with Havas Play France and Havas Digital Kyiv to execute a dedicated streamer campaign, which invited gamers from around the world to play on the map depicting Kiyv.

Fabrice Plazolles, Chief Creative Officer at Havas Play, said:

“The gaming community is a force of positive change, and ‘The Donation Map’ is born from the belief that this community, with its passion and collective strength, can extend its impact beyond the virtual realm. By connecting to the Fortnite map, gamers can transform their digital activity into a tangible difference, saving lives and contributing to the recovery of a nation in need.”

Global streamer campaign

To give the campaign a global reach, inStreamly involved its local partners from different countries. In total, the non-profit activation attracted nearly 2,400 streamers registered on our marketplaces around the world. This included streamers registered on inStreamly from Germany, France, Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom, Spanish streamers from 014 Live!, Italian streamers from StreamON, Ukrainian streamers from StreamAdvisor and Brazilian streamers who are part of WARRIOR STREAMING.

The global inStreamly campaign consisted of two elements: an in-stream animation that was automatically displayed across streams, and a chat message with a link, so that stream viewers could easily visit The Donation Map landing page.

Jakub Janaszek, Global Partnership Director at inStreamly, said:

“Once again we have seen the unparalleled power of the gaming community. The fact that nearly 2,400 streamers from different parts of the world participated in The Donation Map campaign makes me extremely grateful. Together with inStreamly’s partners, we were able to spread the word about the activation around the world, inviting even more gamers to play and raise money for Ukraine.”

Campaign results

As intended, the activation really reached a huge global gaming audience. In total, it generated almost 5 million views and close to 40,000 link clicks. inStreamly, together with local partners, made it possible to promote The Donation Map at a large scale in multiple countries, but in an automated way.

With the help of amazing partners around the world, in various ways that include e.g. OOH, in-game ads, streamer campaign, TV, radio, and press, The Donation Map campaign generated over 1.3 billion reach. Around 100,000 unique players visited the map and spent there over half a million minutes!

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