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AI voice recognition technology on 147 Twitch streams – Monte Snack [CASE STUDY]

AI voice recognition technology on 147 Twitch streams – Monte Snack [CASE STUDY]

Monte Snack has been reaching out to Polish gamers for many years. In the latest campaign, the brand reacted in real time to the streamers’ words, appearing when they said, for example, “snack” or “break”. inStreamly teamed up with GameLab to connect Monte Snack with 147 Polish streamers.

Snack served at the perfect time

Gamers don’t like to pull away from their favourite titles when they are completely absorbed by them. However, everyone needs a pause from time to time. For this reason, Monte wants to make breaks from gaming more pleasant by offering players its sweet Monte Snack. In this way, the Zott-owned brand has been building its position in the gaming and streaming world for more than six years. This is also helped by a unique campaign delivered by inStreamly and GameLab.

Monte responds to what streamers say

In an effort to ensure that the branded content displayed by streamers was consistently engaging and attractive to viewers, inStreamly created a unique technology. The technology enabled animations promoting the Monte Snack to be displayed when the streamer spoke one of the keywords.

This allowed the Zott branded snack to contextually fit perfectly with what the streamer was talking about. This led to a more dynamic interaction with viewers in real time, which in turn resulted in a more effective promotion.

Here is how the inStreamly’s AI Voice Recognition technology used works step by step:

  1. The streamer says one of the key words referring to Monte Snack (including ‘pause’, ‘be right back’, ‘hunger’ or ‘chew on something’).
  2. The technology detects the keywords. When these are detected, an animation promoting Monte Snack is automatically displayed on the stream, and a message with a link appears in the chat, which redirects traffic to the selected page.

This is how the mechanism works in practice (see on YouTube):

Monte Snack is one of the most popular snacks among Polish gamers, and with this campaign it wants to become their first choice during breaks from the game. By displaying animations on more than 140 streamers’ channels when they used words such as “pause”, “break” or “snack”, players associate them with these elements.

Magdalena Olma, Product Manager of the Monte brand, said:

“There has been a lot going on in the Monte Snack 2023 campaign, and one of the elements of this campaign was the collaboration with inStreamly. By being able to co-operate with nearly 150 streamers, we were able to get impressive results and positive feedback from our gaming community. The ‘Voice Recognition’ mechanism created specifically for the purpose of our campaign allowed us to take advantage of breaks in games naturally and make them even more enjoyable with Monte Snack – Monte Snack, Be Right Back! ;)”

Radosław Wojcik, Head of Gaming at GameLab, said:

“In the campaign we planned and executed for the Monte Snack brand, we wanted to communicate with players in an innovative and memorable way. Using Voice Recognition technology from inStreamly as one of the elements allowed us to reinforce the brand’s core message by linking the display of our graphic creation to specific keywords of our choice directly based on the brand’s claim. Audience reactions confirmed that this was a great solution.”

1.75 million campaign impressions for Monte Snack on gaming streams

During the nearly six-week campaign, Monte Snack became a sponsor for 147 Polish streamers. The animations generated a total of 1,750,000 impressions, with a CTR of 0.69%.

Szymon Kubiak, Chief Revenue Officer at inStreamly, said:

“It is in the DNA of inStreamly to bring sponsors and streamers together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, we are constantly looking for forms that maximise the potential of these collaborations. Technology plays a key role here. In 2021, we co-created the most awarded gamification campaign in Poland based on AI image recognition. The AI voice recognition mechanism is another element in the development of our technological capabilities. We have further AI applications planned!”

The world of game marketing is constantly looking for innovations. Gamers are a demanding target group that can be reached effectively through natural placement. This can be achieved, for example, by appearing at key moments in gaming streams or when the streamer uses specific keywords. Thanks to inStreamly technology, brands gain an easier tool to reach gamers and increase their chances of becoming permanently embedded in their memories.

The GameLab agency was responsible for the strategy and creation of the campaign. Media support was worked on by Zenith agency. inStreamly created the campaign concept, as well as provided the technology to run the campaign and connect the Monte Snack brand with streamers.

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