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Marketing from Gamers to Gamers. How to Fulfil Your Consumers’ Needs?

Marketing from Gamers to Gamers. How to Fulfil Your Consumers’ Needs?

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

Gaming streams are natural marketing channels for any brand related to gaming. You can encounter all types of gamers, from professional players to casual gamers. Even though all of them are players, they still have different needs. Some want a budget PC to play on, and others spend significant sums of money on accessories like mice, keyboards, or even streaming decks. So how can you know to which group of players you can address your campaign and how to adjust your campaign? Let’s find out based on the campaign we did with Actina!

Gamers’ needs from the marketing point of view

There are many different categories gamers can be broken into. Let’s dive into categories based on players’ approach to video games, the amount of time they spend playing them, the amount of effort they put into it and even the various genres of games they like the most.

types of players causal hardcore pro retro

Casual gamers can be interested in various types of video games, from simple mobile to massive AAA titles. One thing they have in common is their easygoing attitude. They don’t take video games seriously, make gaming schedules in advance or develop obsessions. Because of this lack of commitment, it can be hard to get their attention. They want budget products that fulfil only basic needs. 

Hardcore gamers are dedicated, which means they live and breathe video games. They can spend hours in front of the monitor, plan their schedules and take it very seriously. It’s pretty easy and beneficial to get their attention, but they are somewhat hard to please. They will spend as much as possible on gear and know every feature and model of graphic card they want.

The Pro players are a small group that lives off playing games, depending on their livelihood. The professionals play competitively. They also practice their games of choice to the point where it’s no longer fun but pure methodical science. These are not the people you want to sell to, but people you want on your side, spinning your marketing campaign and showing off your products.

The last group are Retro players, fans of all the immortal classics. Most of them don’t even bother looking at recent releases. They often own ancient consoles like Jaguar, Super Nintendo or Sega, which makes them pretty hard to approach on the modern market. Only indie 8 or 16-bit games have a chance of getting the attention of a Retro, as well as special sales focused around evergreens.

Which needs did the Actina campaign fulfil?

The Actina campaign was addressed to almost target markets mentioned above. Their broad range of gear allowed everyone to find what they wanted. Considering the “show, don’t tell” rule, the campaign focused on introducing streamers and their audiences to Actina gear in the context of something they’re already very familiar with – games.

The campaign ran on almost all available categories of streams to reach the widest audience possible. Everyone could check the website and find the gear most suited to their needs. As the campaign promoted gaming equipment of a wide range, both users and players were interested in promotion. inStreamly streamers automatically displayed an artwork focused on one core message: “gear suited to every gamer”. 

screenshot from stream with artwork we change the game

Development and results

Artworks for the campaign were prepared by Actina alone. This is not the first time our clients wanted to take care of their artwork. At inStreamly, we are always happy to help adjust animations to the market and provide our professional advice. 

The results of the campaign were very positive. Over 750 streamers participated in the campaign, bringing Actina an excellent 2.8% CTR! 

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

I can honestly say my passion is creating valuable content for gamers, streamers and brands interested in gaming. Outside of work, I'm a tabletop RPG Master, a LARPer, a comic book freak and the biggest dachshund lover you'll ever meet.

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