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Step-by-step guide to multistreaming for free in 2024

Step-by-step guide to multistreaming for free in 2024

As a streamer, you should be constantly working to increase your reach and grow your community. One way to do this is through multistreaming. If you’ve ever wondered if multistreaming is legal in 2024, how to do it for free, and if it’s worth it, we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll walk you through it all!

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Why should you multistream?

So far, you have probably only streamed on one platform. What have you been missing? Lots of views. By streaming on more than one platform, you can reach new audiences. If your main platform is Twitch, you are missing out on the audience that focuses on YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming, and vice versa.

Another important thing is your streaming revenue. Instead of monetising your content on just one platform, you could do that on two or more. It could increase your earning potential.

Additionally, if you are using inStreamly, by multistreaming you could faster level in our LevelUp program. Read more about it here.

However, while multistreaming will increase your discoverability, you should always remember to interact with viewers from all platforms, not just your main platform. Otherwise, new viewers from e.g., Trovo won’t spend much time with you as they will quickly realise that you don’t interact with the chat.

What streaming platforms allow multistreaming?

Another important question many streamers are asking is whether multistreaming is legal in 2024? It all depends on the platform we are talking about. Below is a list of platforms that will answer whether they allow creators to stream on multiple platforms at the same time:

  • In October 2023 Twitch changed its policy and now allows multistreaming.
  • Kick allows multistreaming.
  • Facebook Gaming allows multistreaming.
  • Trovo allows multistreaming.
  • X (Twitter) allows multistreaming.
  • YouTube Gaming allows multistreaming.
  • Caffeine allows multistreaming.

Before you start multistreaming, you should always check the terms and conditions of each streaming platform. The rules of these platforms often change, so it is important to make sure you are allowed to do it. Another thing to remember is that different platforms may have different licensing rules when it comes to, for example, music that you play while streaming. If you do not follow the platform’s rules, you could be banned.

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How to multistream for free? Full guide

Now that we’ve covered whether it’s worth multistreaming and which streaming platforms allow you to multistream, let’s move on to the step-by-step guide.

To kick things off, you will need to download OBS Studio and this OBS plugin.

  1. Download and install the latest version of OBS Studio.
  2. Launch OBS Studio, click “Help” and then chose “Check For Updates” to make sure you’re using the latest version.
  3. Close OBS Studio.
  4. Download the OBS plugin by clicking “Go to download”.
  5. Scroll down to “Assets” section and select the version of installer that’s for your system version.
  6. After downloading the plugin, install it.
  7. Launch OBS Studio. In the top left corner, you should see “Multiple Output” plugin. If it is not visible, click on the “Docks” tab and select the “Multiple Output” options.
  8. To configure a new streaming platform, click on “Add new target” in the top left corner.
  9. A new window will appear. Configure platforms you want to multistream on by adding “RTMP Server” and “RTMP Key”.
  10. Now you can start streaming on multiple platforms! Have fun!

If you have any difficulties or need a video-tutorial, we highly recommend watching this one:

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