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A brief history of streaming

A brief history of streaming

The video game streaming market is on the rise, and the upward trend shows no sign of slowing down. According to projections, it will reach a staggering value of 149.34 billion dollars by 2026. It’s a good time to turn the clock back a bit and examine how we got to this point. The history of streaming is a lot more interesting topic than one would think. Let’s have a brief look at how the streaming landscape evolved over the years!Read more

More than video game streaming

Live streaming trends in 2021 - Much more than video game streaming

When back in 2007 Justin Kankg mounted a camera to a baseball cap and started streaming his day-to-day life on (later re-named to Twitch), no one knew he would spark a revolution in Internet culture. Since these humble beginnings, live streaming became one of the fastest and most innovative branches of entertainment, with its growth boosted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.Read more

Virtual streaming concerts

Artists vs. Covid-19: How Virtual Streaming Concerts Helps Musicians During the Pandemic

Many of us have felt the effects of the pandemic. Musicians are one of the groups that have been forced to learn to live in the new reality. We look for solutions to problems, and here virtual streaming concerts is a strategy that comes to the rescue!Read more

The live streaming moment is now

The live streaming moment is now

There are over 3,000,000 streamers going live each month. Although streamers create the content, they have very limited control over it. Maciej Sawicki takes a look at the state of the live-streaming market and why this is a revolution for content monetization and distribution akin to the one seen in the early YouTube days.Read more

How is live streaming and gaming taking over the world and how to use their potential?

How is live streaming and gaming taking over the world and how to use their potential?

In recent years, gaming and live streaming have evolved dramatically, grown and became a power that marketers should no longer ignore. Especially in 2020.Read more

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