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How to Increase Sales With Live Video Streaming

How to Increase Sales With Live Video Streaming

Jakub Turkowski
Jakub Turkowski

Stream sales is a powerful tool for brands to steal the show (as well as the hearts) of consumers. Since the pandemic changed a lot in the world, also in terms of connecting brands with customers, live advertising has become the key to boost sales. A live show is an opportunity to present a product or service to a wide audience. It’s also a perfect way to show off the features and demonstrate the pros. Combine this with influencers and gain a real-time presentation with feedback. The result is what your brand needs – strong relationship with your audience, as well as strong demand for the product. This translates to higher revenue. So how to increase sales with live streaming? Read on!

Sales Stream – Show Your Brand Advantage

There’s no doubt that the pandemic affected various aspects of life – including social distancing and isolation. This made people interact more through digital channels – this obviously applies to shopping as well. According to

“84% of consumers have shopped online since the pandemic, compared to 65% who have shopped in-store. Of those who shopped in-store, 38% are doing so less often now than earlier in the year”. 

Live-streaming brings back the shopping experience of going to the physical store, but without the need of getting out of home. There’s one significant difference – it’s hard to gather a wide audience in-store and demonstrate products with a presentation of its all features. It is possible with stream sales.

Live stream ads help customers feel an emotional connection with the products. Users can observe how the product works in action – and that is an advantage compared to static images (or even a 360° photograph). Neal Schaffer – Digital and Social Media Marketing Speaker points out that:

72% Of Customers Prefer Videos Over Texts in Terms of Learning About Products or Services. 

Live advertising helps forge a connection with the brand and is delivered directly to consumers – that’s the way to create brand loyalty and boost sales simultaneously. Making an outstanding video is easier than ever, with all the tools like TikTok, but digital solutions like stream sales work even better. It’s a real-time experience with the possibility to cooperate with influencers – thus, win the hearts of young customers (the „hard-to-reach” target groups).

Live Marketing Management – How to Make Your Brand Put on a Good Show

There are different purposes of making live marketing videos – from tutorials, through product launches, to reviews or unboxings with influencers. All of these have common factors:

  • The videos are of a good quality
  • They show the product in detail, presenting from all angles
  • There are subtitles in other languages (to reach a wider audience)
  • They are mobile-friendly (there are around 6,378,000,000 mobile users in the world according to
  • There are social media buttons for sharing (to spread the word instantly)

As with any other campaign, the brand needs a proper strategy to run a live video marketing campaign. The process starts with research focused on discovering the interest of the target audience. If you and your brand want to develop a marvellous strategy and run an effective live advertising campaign – inStreamly is here. Here are some useful tips that we verified, and we know they work:

  • Always prepare a tailored-to-needs strategy – your audience’s interests are crucial for response and reaching beyond your network;
  • Notify your target audience about your stream sales – post an interesting teaser;
  • Prepare a script and conduct few ‘dry runs’ beforehand – don’t make your viewers feel confused after the show;
  • Avoid direct pitching – the key is to develop a connection between your brand and the audience;
  • Be consistent with your brand image – remember that live sales represent your brand;
  • Create emotions with your live stream ads – building association between audience and your brand is far more effective and engaging than pushing your product;
  • Implement incentives in your live sales – this is a great way of encouraging the growth of your audience;
  • Consider organising competitions, live auctions and ‘buy now’ discounts – this will significantly raise your brand awareness.

Live Stream Ads – How to Increase Sales

First and foremost, meticulously prepare a tailored strategy. Do you need one? Contact us – inStreamly will help you get to the top. Here’s a short summary of the things you need to remember before running a live advertising campaign:

  • Inform your audience about your stream – use teasers and notifications;
  • Stream on multiple platforms to expand your reach (we can arrange that as well);
  • Demonstrate your product, so your audience will know exactly how it works – and what are the benefits of buying it;
  • Reach a wider audience – live streams on multiple platforms increase your chances of success;
  • Establish partnerships with influencers to build your brand awareness and instantly engage viewers.

You and your brand are now one step away from monetising your live streams – just contact us, and we will help you boost your sales through live-streaming.

Increase Your Company Sales With Live Streaming!

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Jakub Turkowski
Jakub Turkowski

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