Place your brand at the heart of the vibrant streaming community. at the heart of the vibrant streaming community. new audiences. Support content creators while gaining new audiences. . Be the first to enter the emerging metaverse.

Streamer setup

With inStreamly your message is seamlessly integrated into the stream. 100% unskippable, always engaging.

Reach gamers in their native environment

in-game events where the message is reacting to what is actually happening in the stream

(e.g. when a streamer wins the game, your brand appears).

inStreamly Gameplay Reaction Mechanism

Reach young consumers

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With inStreamly your brand is in the heart of Gen Zs favourite mode of entertainment. In a native, unobtrusive way - by teaming up with content creators.

Meanwhile, 50% of them consume over
8H of streaming content a week.
of Gen Z doesn’t own a TV set and
66% use adblocks.

Win industry awards

Make your brand stand out with inStreamly. Captivate the marketing world with innovative solutions. Win acclaim with industry awards.

Use our tools and solutions to create unique ways of delivering your brand’s message.

Industry award
Case study

An ingenious campaign that brought a collection of awards

real time in-game actions
see the case study
Our award winning campaigns
Danone Case Study
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Reasons to use inStreamly

Up to 10% CTR

Brand message is native to the stream, thus100%unblockable


View-Through Rate


brand safety solutions
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Competitive landscape

Low cost

Traditional banner ads


In-game advertising


Agencies & DIY Platforms

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inStreamly is unique because it:

Lets you access new branches of the entertainment market

inStreamly puts your brand at the heart of the $180 bln worth market of the gaming entertainment

Gives you full control

have full control over every detail of your campaign with digital marketing level measurements and scalability

Boosts your brand’s credibility

by partnering with creators your brand shows that it supports them and is innovative

Is fully automated

AI-powered that reaches devoted audience of micro-streamers with one click

We work with:

And they have great things to say about us

Crunchips has worked with streamers through inStreamly in countless campaigns now. The platform allows us to reach our desired audience in non-standard ways that are effective and creative. The team behind it is working efficiently and always goes for the best results.
Dynamic and eye-catching artworks fitting the gaming world and possibilities of the mechanisms are what make inStreamly the go-to tool when you are looking for a creative way to reach your target group.
Filip Fliegner, Senior Brand Manager
Crunchips logo
inStreamly is the perfect tool to reach Gen Z in their digital journey.
It gives us a great opportunity to raise awareness among an audience that’s not very receptive to traditional advertising and is actively avoiding it with adblockers. inStreamly is the perfect tool to complete our media offer in France and EMEA.
Charles Rapine, CCO & Media Lead
We have been working with streamers on behalf of some of the top brands for years. It tends to work best for non-standard, customised communication.
inStreamly comes in handy when one wants to convey simple communication messages through many live streams. It is a great alternative to traditional display campaigns when dealing with more cluttered touchpoints.
Maciej Boron, Director at Mediacom Beyond Advertising
The synergy that can be achieved with inStreamly gives excellent results.
The solution the platform offers - connecting artworks to the world of games, available display possibilities, the influence of streamers, and reaching the target group, often unavailable via other communication channels - is a great advantage of working with inStreamly.
Tamer Duymaz, Digital Marketing Manager - CEE, Bethesda Softworks
inStreamly allowed us to grow a community around our product and greatly improve its brand recognition among gamer audiences. It’s a great tool to use when looking for non-standard, creative solutions. The team took care of everything and the communication was fast and effective. Highly recommend.
Wojciech Gańko, Senior Brand Manager
Grześki logo
In Durex, our purpose is to inspire people to discover their true sexual selves. Reaching younger people is crucial, as they are at the beginning of this journey. As a brand, we can impact the way they behave and talk about sex in order to make sure their experience is as safe and pleasurable as possible.
The best way to reach this group is to be present in its natural environment. With inStreamly we are able to do so in a non-standard way, with customized and captivating messaging.
Kamil Komarzyniec, Brand Manager
Intel is always looking for innovative ways to connect with our target audience. inStreamly turned out to be a perfect solution for reaching gamers and technophiles. Together, we developed engaging artworks that demonstrated the most significant features of the Intel EVO laptop, and presented them to streamer audiences.
If you want to communicate with the live streaming community, inStreamly is your answer. They took the time to get to know who we are and assisted us in planning creative and engaging sponsorship campaigns. Choose inStreamly to reach Gen Z. They won’t let you down!
Marek Sýkora, Chief Operating Officer
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More brand success stories fuelled by inStreamly’s solutions

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Nvidia Sponsors Over 1,400 Streamers in a Geforce NOW Campaign

Nvidia Sponsors Over 1,400 Streamers in a Geforce NOW Campaign

The more streamers you have in your campaign the better results you will have. So, how can you manage to sponsor over 1,400 streamers in your campaign and get great results? Read on to find out!

Streamers Help Homeless Animals by Encouraging Fans to Donate

Streamers Help Homeless Animals by Encouraging Fans to Donate

Last year we joined forces with the Sarigato Foundation by involving streamers in activation to support animals during winter. This year we did it again. Check out how we helped our four-legged friends this time!

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