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492.786micro sponsorship deals signed so far.

Can’t make a living off your stream?


Get sponsorships no matter the size of your audience!

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Automatically display sponsor messages during your streams


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Why us?

Because we are a perfect match.


It is for streamers

Whether you have 5 viewers or 5 million, you can start earning on your stream.


Your audience will love it

They support you making money and being able to create more content.


Most platforms are welcome

Even better, you can use inStreamly on all of them.


You are in control

You decide which brands you work with and when. Seriously.

What do streamers say about us?

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With inStreamly I can earn a fair income by working with sponsors. I do not need to run ads that interrupt my stream. My viewers can relax and watch the stream uninterrupted.



Read the latest on how to grow as a streamer!

Ile zarabiają mali streamerzy na Twitchu?

Ile zarabiają mali streamerzy na Twitchu?

Zarobki na Twitch to złożona sprawa. Zależą między innymi od rozmiaru widowni czy liczby współprac. A ile zarabiają mali streamerzy?

Jak zarabiać na streamowaniu? Przewodnik po inStreamly dla streamerów

Jak zarabiać na streamowaniu? Przewodnik po inStreamly dla streamerów

inStreamly pozwala zarabiać pieniądze na streamach. W przeciwieństwie do większości umów sponsorskich nie ma minimalnej liczby widzów lub subskrybentów, których potrzebujesz, by zacząć!

Widzowie pokochali symulator supermarketu. Polski Twitch w Q1 2024

Widzowie pokochali symulator supermarketu. Polski Twitch w Q1 2024

Prawie 90 milionów godzin spędzonych na oglądaniu. Średnio niespełna 40 000 widzów. Blisko 100 tysięcy osób w szczytowym momencie na jednym kanale. To tylko część ciekawych statystyk dotyczących kanałów Twitch transmitujących w języku polskim z pierwszego kwartału 2024 roku! Kanały nadające w języku polskim w poprzednich trzech miesiącach były oglądane przez ponad 86 milionów godzin. […]

Want more info?

Join our discord community for streamers!

You can also send us a message:streamers@instreamly.com or DM us on Twitter

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Got more questions? The FAQ is here to answer them.

What is inStreamly and how does it work?

inStreamly is a platform that enables small and large streamers to monetise their content through sponsorships in the form of an artwork that automatically appears on the streamer's broadcast during a specified period of time.

Does using inStreamly require streamers to sign contracts?

No! Streamers can use inStreamly whenever they want. There is no need to sign contracts that would force them to stream sponsorships they do not want to stream. We also do not demand exclusivity.

On which platforms does inStreamly work?

inStreamly currently works on two platforms - Twitch and YouTube.

How often do new sponsorships become available?

New sponsorships become available as often as possible. We are constantly working with brands and negotiating potential sponsorships across various markets. If sponsorships are confirmed, they are immediately communicated to our streamers on our Discord and, in special cases, also via email message.

Can streamers participate in sponsorships dedicated to languages other than their own?

This is not possible at the moment. Streamers can only participate in sponsorships dedicated to a particular language market - the language in which they stream and communicate with their viewers.

How are views from sponsorships calculated?

Views are calculated in a simple way; if the artwork promoting a given sponsorship is displayed on a stream, the streamer will receive the same number of views as the number of viewers currently on their LIVE. One person watching the stream while the artwork is displayed counts as one view. So, for example, if 100 people watched the stream at this given moment, it would count as 100 views.

What are “Recruit a Friend” and “Level Up” programs?

Recruit a Friend is inStreamlys affiliate program allowing creators to earn extra money for inviting other streamers to our platform. Level Up is our gamification program, where streamers collect XP points to unlock levels. Each level includes an opportunity to increase earnings.

Is sensitive streamer data protected at inStreamly?

Of course, all sensitive streamer data is guarded and secured by multiple systems. It will not be used for any reason.

Why does the inStreamly account need to be linked to a Twitch/YouTube account?

It's necessary so our system can read data stats such as stream duration, number of viewers, or the category in which the stream is displayed.

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