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InStreamly: What Is It, and Do I Want It?

InStreamly: What Is It, and Do I Want It?

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

Earning online is a paradox – easy and challenging at the same time. Most pages and services offering easy money often turn out to be scams. When you come across a legit way to make extra money, it’s only natural to be careful. 

inStreamly allows you to earn money on your streams (either Twitch or YouTube). Earnings are based on the number of viewers on your stream. Contrary to most sponsorship deals, there is no minimum number of viewers or subscribers you need. 

Let’s dive in to check all the facts.

Table of contents:
Who can profit from inStreamly, and how?
How can i earn?
Mechanisms used in sposored campaigns
I want to get started!
What permissions does inStreamly require?
Sponsorship (ir)regularity
inStreamly Discord Community

Who can profit from inStreamly, and how?

The answer is short – every live streamer. The service is predominantly aimed at gaming streamers. However, in reality, you can stream anything you want, anytime you want. You can have 5, 20, or 100 viewers; it doesn’t matter. 

Live streaming and gaming are hot right now. Most popular brands worldwide want to be involved because of the reach and popularity among young people. However, from the marketing point of view, there are just a couple thousand streamers worldwide with enough viewers to be “worth” working with. Still, working with celebrity streamers is hard, and working with more than one is practically impossible.

inStreamly automated the process of showing sponsored animations on stream and made it far easier for brands to work with 1,000 streamers simultaneously, rather than just one popular streamer.

Streamer sponsorship automation process

How can I earn?

Once we reach an agreement with the brand, we prepare the sponsorship. We add the ready-to-go sponsorship to the marketplace for streamers. Every sponsorship is linked directly to the language of the campaign. So, streamers who stream in German can only join a campaign designed for a German audience. You can click and join when the sponsorship becomes live on the marketplace. 

Example of choosing the bradcasting language at inStreamly marketplace

Now, during your live streams, a small animation will appear on your stream. Most commonly, sponsored animations appear in 1-hour intervals. You will get paid for the number of times your audience sees the animation. 

Every time a sponsored animation appears on your stream, we calculate how many people were on your stream at the moment and save it in the database. You get paid for the number of views you provide. It’s basically the same system Twitch, and YouTube use with their ads, but much better.

  • inStreamly animations don’t interrupt your stream in any way
  • we offer much better rates than Twitch; rates differ depending on the market
  • you can engage with our community and develop connections with other streamers

Streamer sponsorship earnings inStreamly

All your earnings are updated daily and your balance is displayed in your streamer panel, where you can see the stats with a breakdown for each active partnership. You can withdraw the funds in your waller once you exceed €30 (or 50 PLN).

Example of a sponsored animation:

Dying light 2 campaign instreamly

Mechanisms used in sponsored campaigns

We use innovative mechanisms to make campaigns fun and engaging for streamers and viewers. The best example is the Gameplay Reaction Mechanism. The uniqueness of this technology relies on the artwork reacting to events happening in the streamer’s game in real-time. The best mechanism example is the campaign for Danone’s Danio.

The brand’s iconic mascot – Small Hunger, commented on the streamers’ skills. Viewers could count on a sassy comment whenever the players’ health bar dropped too low. You will need to install the inStreamly app to use this particular mechanism.

But that’s not all! We developed a variety of amazing mechanisms like Chat Commands, where viewers can use chat to bring specific commands. If the user types some defined command in chat (ie:”!Batman”) it may bring up a related display.

What’s more, we can make even more interactive artwork. With our Chat Voting mechanism, viewers can actively influence the content. For example, if you see a person in a labyrinth that appears in animation, viewers may vote on which way the character should go. Fun, isn’t it? We have many more options than just those three!

chat commands mechanism explainer

I want to get started!

In short:

How to use inStreamly explainer

The “Your Community at inStreamly” Twitch extension is required for all Spanish and English-speaking streamers. It allows us to gather information about the country of origin of your viewership. It’s necessary as we need to assess if you meet the campaign’s criteria. For example, if you are an Argentinian streamer, but we see that 50% of your viewership is from Spain, you will be able to join sponsorships directed at the Spanish market.

And that’s it. The chosen sponsorship will appear on your stream from time to time (usually, as mentioned before, at 1-hour intervals). It will be followed by a chat message with a call to action and a link your viewers can click. 

If you need more help, be sure to check out our video tutorial:

What permissions does inStreamly require?

The inStreamly account needs to be linked to your Twitch/YouTube account. It’s necessary so our system can read data stats such as stream duration, number of viewers, or the category in which the stream is displayed. 

So, in summary, we need access to your account for 3 reasons:

  • To be able to view the artworks on your channel
  • To add the link in the chat during your stream
  • To collect transmission data from the API

Youtube provides only one general option for third parties, including other options like video deletion permissions, but we neither need nor use them.

The same access is given to every partner network associated with YT creators.

Sponsorship (ir)regularity

The number of sponsorships in a given market depends on the current situation. It may happen that in some markets, campaigns won’t be available for a more extended period. Situations like these are not in our power, as we would like to have dozens of sponsorship for you all the time! However, we are constantly growing, and so is our streamer base. The more streamers we have on a given market, the better chances are more campaigns will be done. 

inStreamly Discord Community

inStreamly Discord now has over 8k streamers on the server! You can join and connect with other people who share your passion. Also, you can follow the most important news about our marketplace or new campaigns. On offtop channels, users also share exciting facts about the streaming community. 

If you ever have questions about inStreamly, or encounter errors or bugs, our Discord support team is ready to help. You can join our server via this [link] 

And that’s it! Now you can start monetising your Twitch channel with inStreamly. If you need more information about streaming, check out our tips for streamers on our blog. You can find many valuable guides like Tips for Beginners, How to Attract More Viewers, or Worst Mistakes Small Streamers Make, just to name a few. Good luck!


Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

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