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How We Stand Out From the Competition – inStreamly Alternatives

How We Stand Out From the Competition – inStreamly Alternatives

In our blog, we always emphasise the growth of live-streaming, which is increasing the potential for brands and marketers. The scene is bursting with creators, fans, and new ideas. It’s also filled with various projects helping brands connect with this world. The variety keeps the live-streaming scene fresh and alive. Today we take a look at some inStreamly alternatives. 

  1. How to get into influencer marketing?
  2. How does inStreamly work?
  3. Alternatives
  4. Which will work best for my brand?


How to Get Into Influencer Marketing?

Signing individual influencers to brand campaigns can be costly and time-consuming. If a brand wants to work with the creator, it needs to find them, which alone requires building an in-house team that will need to spend a lot of time identifying potential creators fitting the brand image. In addition, it is challenging if the team needs first to understand streaming as a medium.

Once the Research Is Complete, the Negotiations Can Begin – Payment Details, Agreements and Accounts/Payment. Then the Brand Needs to Provide the Streamer With All the Assets and Oversee the Set-up. This Is Done Manually, Which Can Be Especially Difficult as Streamers Focus On Streaming Rather Than Clicking the Right Button to Show the Suitable Banner or Overlay.

Once the campaign ends, the streamer sends results from the sponsored stream. Since the tools at the disposal are not easy to come by, their quality may be disputable. The marketing department then combines and analyses them (also manually).

With many streamers engaged in the campaign, this process consumes a lot of money and time. This is why brands tend to gravitate towards big streamers. The problem is that, though the streaming stars have a large audience, these collaborations come with hefty price tags. Moreover, these big names represent a fraction of streaming creators. The vast majority of them are too small for the brands to invest resources.  

How Does inStreamly Work?

At inStreamly, We Connect Brands With Individual Creators in Short-Term Sponsorship Campaigns.

Our technology has automated and simplified the streamer sponsorship process, opening access to a vast, untapped cohort of streamers. Using inStreamly enabled, brands and creators of all audience sizes can now work together in sponsorship deals that are:

  • Easy to run – decide on a campaign budget, target the audience and select a timeframe.
  • Appealing – animated displays are eye-catching and relatable.
  • Non-disruptive – sponsored content displayed via inStreamly is stream integrated and doesn’t interrupt audience entertainment.
  • Engaging – the campaigns can vary depending on your needs – from chat messages, giveaways, and special streamer activities to content triggered by in-game events.

Close relationships with the audience enable streamers who use our platform to deliver top results for brands. Just take a look at our summary of the best streaming influencer campaigns of 2021!

The campaigns we handle are treated with care because streamers and their viewers are important to us. Instead of focusing only on the advertising aspect and making money (which is nice), we are committed to creating an entire ecosystem, helping streamers grow, making us a trusted partner for them. Our clients saw how this approach benefits them. You may check out some of their opinions here.  

inStreamly Alternatives

If you want to broaden your possibilities, here are a few inStreamly alternatives that, similarly to our platform, can help you get deeper into the influencer industry. 

Influencer Marketplaces

Notable representatives: Upfluence, FameBit, Adshot These portals usually offer a wide variety of influencers, but they focus on no particular branch of influencer marketing. It’s easier to find more traditional influencers on them rather than streamers. Portals like these tend to offer hard-to-scale products and social activations that don’t always fit the live-streaming. These are good starting points if you’re focused on finding individual creators in-house and negotiating deals.

At inStreamly, we concentrate on streamers. This gives us the possibility to provide a deep insight into the culture of streamer creators and their viewers. Our automation secures access to hundreds and thousands of streamers worldwide. Instead of talking with each one individually, all brands need to do is establish the campaign’s details with our Team. inStreamly guarantees your campaign will be consistent across all broadcasts.

Advertising Tools and Streaming Marketplaces

Notable representatives: Mind-future Gaming, Netwrk, Uplify These websites offer advertisements on live streams. There is, however, a slight problem with focusing too much on the ‘ad’ side of the collaboration. Generation Z, the core of the stream audience, really hate ads. If they see one on TV, they turn to their smartphones and use ad-blocking software to hide ads while browsing the Internet. Streamers also know this, so they look for sponsorships that are not straight commercials.

We know this as well! So we offer streamers, viewers and brands a collaboration within the inStreamly ecosystem on equal terms. With various initiatives and products, we support the growth of individual creators. This makes streamers and viewers trust us to connect them with brands that support their passion. With us, your brand becomes something more than just a banner on stream; it becomes an active supporter of streaming culture.

Esports and Gaming Influencer Platforms and Agencies

Notable representatives: Pillar, wehype, powerspike These inStreamly alternatives are more similar to the talent agencies. They usually handle big and medium-sized streamers and pro-gamers. That’s why they have more of a manual approach to sponsorships. It means individual negotiations of terms, manual setup and bigger budgets. These platforms offer solutions not too scalable compared to automatic deals. What else, they can focus on less than 1% of all streamer influencers on the market.

Our unique technology simplifies sponsorship signings, campaign setups, and account settlements. This gives us the power to deliver a campaign across multiple streamers, resulting in hundreds of thousands of viewers spread across numerous streams, which you can scale instantly. 

In-Game Advertising Solutions

Notable representatives: Anzu, Bidstack, adverty On paper, these inStreamly alternatives seem exciting directions to follow. Every brand would love to see their branded game going viral! Appearing inside their target audiences’ favourite game sounds excellent, too. In reality, it is a bit more tricky. Cheap and cheesy games wrapped in a brand’s name don’t stick around. It takes a lot of time to produce a game (even of moderate quality) and a hefty budget. The in-game options are even more expensive and take even more time to be done right. Not to mention that not all communication can fit into the game’s world.

Gaming is one of the top themes on live streams, making it a perfect portal into the gaming world. Thanks to our understanding of the medium and our expertise, we can advise on the best ways your brand can address the gaming audience. In addition, campaigns can be run in just a few days and are focused on the games and audience you aim for exactly. Not to mention the fraction of costs and time needed to launch an actual in-game campaign.  

Which Will Work Best for My Brand?

How you decide to follow to connect with a streaming audience depends on the effect, resources, and time you have to prepare. No solution is ready-made for every project. If you want to work with one particular streamer you are very passionate about, inStreamly alternatives may be worth trying out.

Before you do, though, check out how inStreamly can help you solve 5 business challenges you face. You can also drop us a line to see how we can help your brand reach its goals among streaming and gaming communities!  


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