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inStreamly Reviews: What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

inStreamly Reviews: What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

While the streaming scene keeps growing and influencer sponsorships are becoming an essential part of modern marketing, streaming campaigns may still be a novelty. As a result, it can be difficult to find information or reviews about them. But this doesn’t mean that working with streamers is a gamble. The close connection between creators and their community results in highly engaging, successful campaigns even with brands not associated with gaming

Of course, whatever you hear from us is somehow biased. However, we believe in our products and the results they deliver. We have seen how engaging and effective collaborations between individual streamers and brands are. But you don’t need to take our word for it. The results and opinions of experts who are already using inStreamly to reach young Gen Z audiences speak for themselves. Find out what our customers say about inStreamly.

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  2. Sarigato feedback
  3. Bethesda Softworks testimonial
  4. eSuba opinion


Mediacom Reviews

MediaCom is one of the world’s leading content and media agencies. So it’s no surprise that we have worked with talented individuals from the MediaCom family on many occasions. Because of that, one of the most notable examples of the results of this collaboration is a Cyberpunk 2077 and Sprite campaign. Which the Innovation 2021 awards jury has awarded.

We have been working with streamers for some top brands for years. Which worked best for non-standard, customised communication.

But when one wants to enter with a simple communication message through many streams, inStreamly comes in handy. It is a great alternative to display campaigns in more cluttered touchpoints

Maciej Boron, Director at Mediacom Beyond Advertising

Sarigato Feedback

Together with the Sarigato Foundation, we ran a charity campaign, “Daj bezdomniakowi donejta” (eng. donate to shelter animals), which engaged streamers from all over Poland. The goal was to help animal shelters by involving dozens of streamers. As a result, we displayed the campaign over 1 million times. And raised money for 143 kilograms of food from viewers.

I love inStreamly for their client approach and the opportunity to have a lot of fun with the brand message. By doing a social campaign for Karmimy Psiaki, we could emit unobtrusive messages that did not disturb users in consuming content and were creative enough to attract attention. I really appreciate the ideas and commitment of the team in creating engaging artwork displays.

Iwona Duda, Sarigato Foundation

Bethesda Softworks Testimonial

Fascinating worlds and intriguing stories are Bethesda Softworks’ trademarks. They captivate players for hundreds of hours. So our goal was to reflect this rich storytelling potential in The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor campaign. 

The synergy that can be achieved with inStreamly gives excellent results. Matching artwork to the world of games, display possibilities, the influence of streamers and reaching the target group, often unavailable to other communication channels – is a great advantage of working with inStreamly.

Tamer Duymaz, Digital Marketing Manager – CEE, Bethesda Softworks

eSuba Opinion

Gamers and stream viewers are at the forefront of technological novelties and innovations. This audience is passionate about technology’s role in their lives. Especially when it responds to their needs. So together with eSuba, we connected this tech-savvy crowd with an Intel EVO. And we showed them the impact the new laptop line will have on their daily needs.

Intel is always looking for innovative ways to connect with our target audience. So the inStreamly campaign seemed to be ideal for reaching players and technophiles. We developed artworks that demonstrated the most significant features of the Intel EVO laptop and presented them in the most appealing way.

If you want to communicate with the streaming community, they are your answer. They took the time to get to know who we are and assisted us in planning imaginative sponsorships. So choose inStreamly to reach Gen Z. They won’t let you down!

Marek Sýkora, Heads of events, eSuba

We are grateful for the trust from brands and streamers who show that such partnerships are the future. Especially with stats to prove it and happy client feedback and reviews. Also, our result of 100+ in Net Promoter Score is a sound reflection of hard work and dedication to deliver the best results and consistently outperform ourselves.

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