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Guide to Twitch Influencer Marketing. How to Find Twitch Influencers?

Guide to Twitch Influencer Marketing. How to Find Twitch Influencers?

If you follow the tastes and interests of Generation Z, chances are you have heard of Ninja, shroud or xQc. These top twitch influencers often make the news headlines. Many times it is because they made a dizzying amount of money on a sponsorship deal. These streamer influencers are only the tip of the iceberg. Twitch influencer marketing is not only a game for brands with unlimited budgets for campaigns. Want to know how to find the Twitch influencers for your brand? Read on!

  1. Influencer marketing – why do you need it?
  2. Twitch as a platform for your influencer marketing 
  3. Twitch influencers and how to find them


Influencer Marketing – Why Do You Need It?

To answer this question we have to first clear some things up. See, influencer marketing is more about the connection people have between them than the pros and cons of the product they present. Influencers are considered trustworthy experts in their field. 

What’s more, thanks to the close relationship with fans, followers trust them in the same way, you would trust your friend. So, when the influencers present a brand or product all parties involved actually care about it.

This is why influencer marketing is superior to old-style commercials and why need it if your aim is to bring innovative campaigns to Gen Z.

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Twitch as a Platform for Your Influencer Marketing 

Twitch is an amazing marketing tool to work with influencers. With engaged communities, streamers provide reach and add a personal touch to your campaign. Every day, Twitch is visited by over 15 million active users, who consume over 70 million hours of content. This enormous medium brings attention to many marketers.

This popularity comes at a price though. With 2.2 million creators broadcasting on Twitch every month, finding the best influencer for your brand can be challenging. So how should you approach it?

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Twitch Influencers and How to Find Them

In general, there are three ways you can find Twitch influencers to work with. Each has its own perks, but not all are easy to follow.

In-House Research and Individual Approach

Most likely the first notion that comes to mind when you start your research on Twitch influencer marketing is doing your own research. After all, what’s so difficult about opening up Twitch, checking out a few streams, and dropping an email to some of the creators you liked, right?

Well, while legit, this approach may be catastrophic. Imagine how much precious time you’d need to sacrifice to browse even 1% of the streams on Twitch. And we’re just talking about finding potential streamer influencers you want to approach! 

And this would only be the start of it. Imagine negotiating individual contracts with each streamer separately. Sure, to mitigate this you could limit yourself to one or two streamers with a huge viewer base. While these top Twitch influencers are easy to find, they also come with a huge price tag. This is why only the biggest brands with million-dollar campaign budgets can afford to scout these streaming superstars.

Twitch Influencer Agency

The superstars either have their own managers or are represented by one of the Twitch influencer agencies. Agencies tend to gather bigger streamers and connect them with brands for relatively long-term sponsorships. There is no doubt that you will find Twitch influencers faster this way. It will also be easier to match the vibe of your brand more than in a manual way.

This does not mean though that the price tag will be lower! After all, the agency needs to make a living too. You still would need to negotiate contracts as well. Due to these reasons, working with agencies is more suitable for longer partnerships than shorter campaigns.

Working With the Platform Directly

At first glance, this may seem like a reasonable approach. Especially if you care about the reach of your campaign, but for some reason, you are not too keen on working with individual streamers. What does Twitch itself have to offer at its current state?

Your commercial will appear on the streams of Twitch influencers who have either Partner or Affiliate status. The advertisements are usually run before or during the streams, just like TV ads. The problem is that your ad will interrupt the stream. Ulike TV ads however, the stream doesn’t stop when the advertisement is rolling, which means the audience can miss a crucial part of the stream.

This leads to frustration and resentment among viewers – feelings your brand usually does not want to be associated with. What’s more, a vast majority of viewers reach for ad-blocking software to avoid watching internet ads altogether. This may result in much lower reach than expected.

Short-Term Sponsorships in an Automated Way

As with many aspects of our lives, Twitch influencer marketing is simplified with automation. With inStreamly tools, we have created entirely new opportunities for brands and streamers. Our technology allows brands to sign thousands of micro-sponsorship deals with individual streamers. All this happens in an automated way, with no need to negotiate separate agreements.

This way brands can display creative and interactive artworks to hundreds of thousands of viewers. These campaigns support streamers directly and do not interrupt broadcasts. Thanks to this Twitch influencer fans welcome the message as support of their favourite creator and not a sale. This in turn leads to campaigns with high CTRs and ROI.

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As you can see, streaming influencer marketing gives incredible opportunities to engage the audience of Twitch streamers. Done right, the campaigns can bring results beyond anything that traditional media can offer. Choosing the right approach is the main factor in their success. Just take a look at the case studies of campaigns we have delivered so far!

inStreamly is a team of passionate and experienced experts, who know the gaming and streaming industry inside-out. If you are looking for the best way for your brand to approach Twitch influencer marketing, drop us a line. We will happily help you connect with the GenZ audience!

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