inStreamly Company-Wide Update: H1 2023

inStreamly Company-Wide Update: H1 2023

Grzegorz Łatka
Marketing ManagerGrzegorz Łatka

The first half of 2023 is now behind us, so it is time to summarise everything what happened during that period. Let’s have a look at some of the best campaigns we ran, recall the milestones we have achieved, analyse the results of the Metaverse research we have done, and check some other interesting projects that are being developed by inStreamly!

Results of the Metaverse research

A few months ago we started our first Metaverse research project, and recently we shared the results and analysis. Our “The future of creators and brands in virtual worlds” report was prepared based on a survey of 458 creators and gamers, and 109 marketers, as well as interviews with experts and influencers in the gaming industry.

The key findings include that:

  • 86% of brands see the global network of virtual worlds as an opportunity to reach and engage their audience
  • 69% of brands want to be in games, mainly to maximize campaign reach, reach Gen Z and Alpha, and be innovative.
  • 80% of gamers choose multiplayer games because of friends — they meet them there or meet new ones.

Growing inStreamly community

The inStreamly community is constantly growing. Thanks to that in the first half of 2023, we have surpassed some impressive numbers.

Back in April, we achieved the milestone of 100,000 active streamers registered on the platform. In general, over 23,000 streamers joined inStreamly in the first half of 2023, while Germany was the country with the biggest growth.

inStreamly 100000 registered streamers

Discord is the key communication channel with our streamers. In April, we managed to surpass 10,000 Discord Members on our server! Wiktoria Wójcik, co-founder of inStreamly, shared some insights about building and managing such a big community during a conversation with Edyta Kowal. You can read it here.

Looking back at the campaigns

If it wasn’t for streamers, there would be no inStreamly, and therefore – no campaigns. During the first half of 2023, there were many of them that streamers eagerly participated in. Talking more precisely, almost 100 campaigns in total!

In the first six months of 2023 there were many new brands that offered streamers sponsorship contracts. Among them are e.g. Deloitte, NBA Europe, KRAFTON, SkyShowtime, Philips, Doritos, Decathlon, and more. 

Interestingly, the Sony PlayStation campaign was the biggest one, as it attracted over 1800 Polish streamers. In the Spanish campaign for PortAventura Carnival we scored an impressive CTR of over 7%.

Streamer marketplaces are going global

The idea of streamer marketplaces is getting more and more global. In the first half of this year, with great local parteners, we have build two new projects in the parts of the globe, where we have not been present yet.

In March, we officially launched WARRIOR in Brazil, while in June StreamPot kicked off in Japan. Both streamer marketplaces will work similarly to inStreamly, but in their respective regions, with the help of our great partners. Their goal is to connect streamers with brands.

Brazilian and Japanese streamer marketplaces are just the beginning. During the first half of 2023 we have been working hard on similar projects in many different countries and regions. All streamer marketplaces are powered by Streamcoi technology.

And the award goes to…

…the Nerf City Campaign! Yes, you are reading this right. The campaign we organised together with A41 – all for one for Hasbro has won the main award in the Golden Arrow competition. We brought the virtual world of Fortnite and the real world closer together by:

  • the Nerf City in Fortnite consisting of six maps and a unique storyline that connects them all and introduces a non-binary brand hero Murphy,
  • cooperation with the biggest Polish streamers,
  • sponsorship of more than 1200 micro-streamers,
  • various sports activities during the Esports Skill Camp.

However, it is not the only award we received in the first half of 2023. During the d3con Innovation Award, inStreamly won the second prize in “The Future of Digital Advertising” category. The jury recognised our platform as a scalable solution for gaming influencer marketing.

Agency workshops

inStreamly Agency workshops

At inStreamly, we all think that we should be sharing the knowledge and experience with others. And that is why in the last months we held workshops for different agencies. Our representatives visited a couple of offices in-person and held a few online meetings to talk about gaming and how agencies should approach this sector.

Wiktoria is the Top Voice

Wiktoria Wójcik Linkedin Top Voice

It does not come as a surprise that inStreamly’s co-founder Wiktoria Wójcik got invited to LinkedIn Top Voices program! Her insightful posts about the gaming marketing and Gen Z are eagerly read by many (if you don’t follow Wiki yet, you definitely should! Here’s the link). And if the LinkedIn posts are not enough for you, subscribe to Wiktoria’s newsletter by clicking here.

inStreamly meetings

inStreamly meeting Cracow 2023

Even though, we are working remotely and are keen on exploring the Metaverse, we uphold the tradition of meeting in real life! That is why in the first half of 2023 we organised inStreamly meetings in Cracow and Warsaw. It is always good to grab a coffee or launch together and chat about everyday stuff.

Grzegorz Łatka
Marketing ManagerGrzegorz Łatka

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