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Banking campaigns made with inStreamly. 7 examples

Banking campaigns made with inStreamly. 7 examples

Should financial and banking institutions fight for the attention of young people? There is only one answer to this question: yes. It has become standard for young people to use financial products on a daily basis. Making them aware of your bank and what it has to offer could be crucial to their decisions, not just now but in the future. Yet many industries, including banking, have struggled to find an effective way to capture the attention of Generation Z.

inStreamly has proven successful for banks and financial institutions or services that want to reach the younger generation. The campaigns of PKO, BLIK or ING clearly show how it can be done with inStreamly.

Anonymized average results of Entertainment campaigns on inStreamly:

  • 274.000+ views on average
  • 10.000+ clicks on average
  • Over 4% CTR on average
  • Over 614 streamers on average

ING lists the best features of their app

In the competitive world of mobile apps, grabbing users’ attention quickly is crucial. How to make people see the value of the app within 10 seconds?

Our solution was straightforward: we highlighted the ING app’s key features, such as money management, public transport ticket purchasing, and exclusive game discounts. This approach resonated effectively with gaming stream viewers, tapping into their enthusiasm for gaming hardware discounts and making a significant impact on app adoption and user engagement.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1011

BLIK’s fast and secure payments

The campaign was designed to promote BLIK payments as a fast and secure payment solution during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. BLIK emerged as the ideal payment method for these times, emphasizing payment security and social distancing.

The campaign seamlessly integrated with various gaming environments and effectively utilized real-time messaging (RTM) to address the pandemic situation, tailoring creative content to specific games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 142

PKO Bank Polski invites to HACK4LEM

PKO Bank Polski’s HACK4LEM campaign effectively engaged the tech-savvy audience by weaving storytelling with a futuristic aesthetic. Using a selected group of streamers, the campaign centered around Stanislaw Lem and the Invincible ship, encouraging participation in the competition.

The creative approach, including a futuristic animation and direct interaction with Stanislaw Lem, seamlessly conveyed the message and invited viewers to join a space-time expedition, all while aligning with the competition’s visual theme.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 500

Credit Agricole leverages nickname mechanism

In our campaign with Credit Agricole, we leveraged a unique nickname mechanism to enhance audience engagement and recognition. By offering enticing prizes like Steam gift cards and an autographed by Pasha Biceps tournament t-shirt, we successfully incentivized gamers to open accounts and unlock exclusive bonuses. The campaign’s innovative approach and attractive rewards contributed to remarkable results.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 745

PKO Bank Polski offers bank account for young people

The PKO BP Konto dla Młodych campaign focused on promoting the product with a strategic approach. We organized a competition with computer peripherals as prizes to make it more interesting.

We selected the right streamers to reach our target audience, and they responded well. With our help, PKO BP created five gaming-related content pieces that stood out during the live streams, effectively capturing the attention of viewers amidst the dynamic streaming environment.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 857

Pekao Bank refers to in-game gold currency

The “More Gold from Pekao” campaign leveraged the concept of in-game gold currency to highlight the benefits of Pekao Bank’s cost-effective services. The campaign featured a captivating animation of falling gold coins as a visual hook, drawing viewers’ attention, and was followed by a Pekao Bank banner with alluring messages related to gold, enticing stream viewers to open an Excessive account.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 521

After acquiring gold, you need a place to store it

In this Pekao Bank campaign, we leveraged a tailored approach to in-game events, aligning content and messaging with the gaming experience. We focused on two distinct target groups and adopted gaming terminology. For instance, we used phrases like “after acquiring gold, you need a place to store it” to connect with gamers on a deeper level and promote Pekao banking service among viewers.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 520

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