inStreamly Quarterly Update: Q1 2024

inStreamly Quarterly Update: Q1 2024

Although 2024 has only just begun, we’re already waving goodbye to the first quarter of the year. To say it’s been a busy time would be an understatement, but that’s the best thing about the gaming and streaming industry. So, without further ado, let’s recap what happened at inStreamly in the first quarter.

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Meeting in Warsaw

To kick off the new year, the inStreamly crew gathered in Warsaw for a 2-day meeting. As well as discussing plans and goals for 2024, we also had time to play some board and video games together!

inStreamly meeting in Warsaw (January 2024)

inStreamly Campaigns stats

Throughout the first quarter of 2024, we’ve seen a number of new brands join the streaming world with inStreamly in Poland, Germany and France. These include e.g. Xiaomi, Converse, IKEA and RTV EURO AGD.

inStreamly streamer campaign for IKEA

Here are some interesting stats:

  • inStreamly ran 27 campaigns
  • Streamers registered to the platform signed over 22,000 sponsorship deals with brands.
  • Xiaomi, Converse, Giganci Programowania, RTV EURO AGD, Gamerize, IKEA, and Nothing have joined the creator economy revolution by running an inStreamly campaign.
  • The biggest campaign in Q1 was Philips OneBlade 360. It attracted over 1,600 streamers!
  • A campaign for a logistics company has reached nearly 5% CTR!

inStreamly Streamers’ Choice Awards for 2023 winners announced! 

For the first time in our history, we gave Polish streamers the opportunity to choose their favourite brands they worked with in 2023. There were four categories in the inStreamly Streamers’ Choice Awards 2023: Innovation Master, Streamers’ Favourite Snack, Best Artwork and Gigachad.

Monte Snack has won two awards. The brand has been named streamers’ favorite snack and Innovation Masters. As you can see, streamers loved the Voice Recognition Mechanism campaign by Monte Snack. You can read more about this activation here. Additionally, Pepsi’s campaign has been awarded for the best artwork, while Sony PlayStation’s Spider-Man 2 campaign has won the Gigachad award.

Global partners going strong in over 15 countries

The inStreamly technology powers a number of streamer marketplaces around the world. Our partners who run them, are truly unstoppable! They provide local streaming communities with unparalleled monetisation opportunities, while brands get access to their audiences.

Some of the brands our partners have worked with on streamer sponsorship campaigns in Q1 include KFC, Pepsi, Logitech, Wargaming, Xbox, TCL, Samsung, Intel, Netflix, Activision and many more!

Here are some of the most interesting insights about their campaigns in Q1:

  • Number of campaigns: 60+
  • Number of views generated: 25 million

We continue to support our partners around the world in a variety of ways. One of them is the regular organisation of exclusive webinars where inStreamly representatives share their knowledge and experience. There have been two so far, one hosted by Wiktoria Wójcik and the other by Szymon Kubiak and Oliwia Azjan. There are many more to come!

inStreamly global streamer marketplace webinar

In-game marketing – new addition to our Gaming Marketing Course 

But we also share our experiences outside the inStreamly ecosystem. That’s why we recently added a new episode to our Gaming Marketing course. This time Wiktoria Wójcik discusses the possibilities of in-game marketing.

gaming marketing course by inStreamly

BIG and Vitality renew Streamcoi partnerships

Our streamer management and monetisation automation tool, Streamcoi, continues to serve the esports industry. During Q1 2024, Streamcoi renewed partnerships with two top esports clubs: BIG and Team Vitality. In addition, a new organisation, GamerLegion, has started using the software!

BIG testimonial about 2024 partnership with Streamcoi

inStreamly on the road

Just like in the previous year, the inStreamly crew is still on the road, visiting the most important gaming and marketing events!

Jan Czerniecki, Bartłomiej Matuszowicz, and Szymon Ogorzelski, together with inStreamly partners, visited the prestigious esports event, Intel Extreme Masters Katowice.

Thanks to hubraum, our investor, inStreamly has also been present at 4YFN in Barcelona, which is part of the world-renowned Mobile World Congress. Szymon Kubiak and Szymon Ogorzelski had an opportunity to introduce visitors of the events to the latest and the most effective ways to reach Gen Z.

inStreamly at MWC 2024 (4YFN). Szymon Ogorzelski, Szymon Kubiak and Krzysztof Gawkowski Wicepremier Polski

Wiktoria Wójcik has been invited to the Glamour Academy conference organised by Burda Media Polska. “FemTech – Women and Technology” was the main theme of the event, while our co-founder spoke about the role of games and technology in young women’s lives. Wiktoria has also had an opportunity to speak about gaming marketing at Mobile Trends Conference in Cracow.

FemTech - Kobiety i Technologia, Burda Media i Glamour, Wiktoria Wójcik inStreamly

Last, but not least, Jan Czerniecki, Szymon Ogorzelski, and Wiktoria Wójcik have also taken part in the Trend Day event organised by mspark powered by KH Akcelerator.

Szymon Ogorzelski, Wiktoria Wójcik i Jan Czerniecki at Trend Days

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