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Gaming Influencer Marketing. How to Work With Gamer Influencers?

Gaming Influencer Marketing. How to Work With Gamer Influencers?

Imagine an industry four times bigger than Hollywood and three times the size of the music industry. That’s the size of gaming today! With the advancement of technology, this booming market is now more available to brands than ever before. Wondering how your brand can work with a gaming influencer? Read on!

  1. Who are gamer influencers and their audience?
  2. Why should you enter the gaming influencer market?
  3. Who can benefit from gaming marketing?
  4. How to find a gaming influencer for your brand?
  5. Ways to work with gamer influencers

Who Are Gamer Influencers and Their Audience?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it might seem. The gaming scene has evolved through the years. Professional game critics are no longer the lone voices in the gaming world. In today’s day and age, channels about gaming are everywhere! From amateur YouTube channels to professional gaming podcasts, everyone wants to talk about games!

With so many channels dedicated to gaming, streamers are one of the most influential and sought-after. One of the biggest streaming platforms, Twitch, every month is visited by 2,5 – 3 mln concurrent viewers (TwitchTracker data from 2021). These are well-educated, tech-savvy people from Generation Z who know the Internet culture like the back of their hands. They barely watch TV, care about diversity, inclusivity, and the environment. They’re not fans of traditional and, often, intrusive advertising. This makes them a pretty challenging group to reach. And here’s where gaming influencers come into the play.  

Why Should You Enter the Gaming Influencer Market?

Including gaming influencers in your marketing activities is one of the best ways to connect your brand with youth culture. Live streamers connect in real-time with their audience, interacting with their viewers. This creates an engaged and loyal community around their channels, with the streamer in the center seen as a friend and expert. By working with streamers, brands enter their world as community supporters. This leads to incredible results – being welcomed by streamers and their viewers often lifts CTR’s through the roof!  

Who Can Benefit From Gaming Marketing?

According to Newzoo’s report on American gamers, everyone is a gamer these days. All age groups admit that gaming is an integral part of their life, so with such a broad audience, working with gamer influencers is not reserved for gaming-related brands. Non-endemic companies can have enormous success in gaming marketing. To do so, they need to understand the gaming and streaming culture first. 

Take a look at five non-gaming brands you wouldn’t believe went into games. From snacks through technology to luxurious goods, brands incorporate gaming into their marketing strategies.

How to Find a Gaming Influencer for Your Brand?

The first step to working with gaming influencers is finding one. We have covered this matter in our blog entry. To recap – unless you have a large budget and far away deadlines, your best shot might be connecting with individual streamers in an automated way. The automation allows you to save the time needed for research and contract negotiations. With easy access to hundreds of streamers, your brand has the potential to reach thousands of viewers every day.  

Ways to Work With Gamer Influencers.

The beauty of gaming influencer marketing is that the options for brand promotion are virtually unlimited. Whether it’s giveaways, product placements, in-stream advertisements, or gamification, taking some time to decide on the best way for your brand to shine will help you avoid cringe. If you want to look deeper into the dos and don’ts of gaming marketing, check out our five tips for brands to work with game streamers. No one wants to hear ‘OK, boomer’ in reaction to their message.

Working with gamer influencers and streamers is the key to connecting with the hard to reach Generation Z audience. At inStreamly, we know that if done right, your brand can set a fast track to becoming a part of daily life for hundreds of thousands of gamers all over the world.

inStreamly is a team of professionals, veteran streamers, and passionate marketers. We know Gen Z’s point of view and culture, because we are them, after all! This lets us advise brands and marketers to create tailored solutions to achieve maximum results. Browse through these case studies of brands we have already connected with gamers if you’d like to know more about how we do it!

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