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How Working With inStreamly Solves 5 Business Challenges You Face

How Working With inStreamly Solves 5 Business Challenges You Face

Streaming, gaming, Generation Z, passion economy. These terms echo through the marketing world over and over again. But how exactly can working with streamers help your brand? Why should you be plugging into the passion economy stream? Glad you asked! Let’s dive into 5 business challenges your brand struggles that inStreamly can help you with.

  1. Challenge #1: low brand awareness
  2. Challenge #2: small customer engagement
  3. Challenge #3: it’s hard to reach young consumers
  4. Challenge #4: it’s complicated to work with influencers
  5. Challenge #5: brand is not endemic to gaming


Challenge #1: Low Brand Awareness

Putting your name out there is the struggle of companies since the very beginning of entrepreneurship. With thousands of brands fighting for customer attention, letting people know about your brand is a struggle. And one of the biggest business challenges, especially on the Internet.

So what can you do when the people you want to reach do not trust or even watch commercials? To the point of avoiding ads with ad-blocking software?

This is where inStreamly’s connection with Gen Z comes into play. Most of us are Gen Z, after all! We know that the opinions and engagement of real people mean more than any promise an ad banner can make. This is why we are connecting brands with streamers of all channel sizes. 


Challenge #2: Small Customer Engagement

Making your audience actually see your message is one thing. Making them engage with your content is a different matter altogether. That’s why creators and influencers have an upper hand when it comes to engagement.

During the broadcast, streamers interact with viewers in real-time. They are able to answer their questions, talk to them, and create a special kind of bond – a community. This provides incredible opportunities to engage viewers by the brand that the streamer works with.

We combine that with inStreamly technology which is able to display content without disrupting the stream. This results in spectacular campaigns. Take a look at few case studies of campaigns we have worked on:


Challenge #3: It’s Hard to Reach Young Consumers

Yes, young people are hard to reach for marketers. Why is that? Generation Z grew up in a world filled with all types of advertisements surrounding them from all sides. It’s not a surprise they learned to distrust and avoid commercials.

Young people watch much less TV. They prefer to spend their free time browsing the web or watching live streams instead. And when they do, they use AdBlock. Though inaccessible, they are a very interesting group of recipients!

When you want to enter the Gen Z world, you need to do it in the most authentic and organic way possible. And being a supporter of gaming and their favorite creator goes a long way.


Challenge #4: It’s Complicated to Work With Influencers

It may be that you have heard about some big streamer deal with a brand ready to pump thousands of dollars into this single influencer. Yes, the top cats are expensive, and rightfully so! Their position in the market is unique. Being 1% of creators does not come easily. But don’t let this vision blind you to the vast majority of the streaming scene. 

The streaming world is full of streamers with a smaller, yet engaged and dedicated fan base around them. Alone they can not compete with the reach of a single super-star. Working with hundreds of them at the same time in a single, coordinated campaign is a different story though. This way your brand can even beat the reach of the biggest streamers out there.

So why were brands not working with them from the very beginning? The technology allowing for automation of signing sponsorship deals, setup and campaign coordination was not there. We changed this with inStreamly. Automating the whole process allows streamers to join ongoing campaigns with a single click. Now, brands have full control over the displayed content, streams it’s shown on and in-depth statistics of ongoing campaigns.


Challenge #5: Brand Is Not Endemic to Gaming

You may be thinking that to work with streamers your brand needs to be at least remotely close to gaming. This is not the case at all! Today’s streaming world is more than just games. The sheer variety of topics streamers present on their broadcast stretch from gaming to simple walks around town. Gaming itself is also enjoyed by people of all interests, demographics and genders.

The brand no longer needs to position itself as one ‘for gamers’ to work with streamers. The real key to engaging an audience is knowing how the streaming audience sees itself and what values they cherish. Failing to understand that may result in a disastrous cringe.

At inStreamly we know well how to address the streaming viewer base. After all, we are that streaming viewer base. We are always glad to share our insights and expertise with customers and help them with their business challenges. We care both about the success of the campaign as well as how streamers and viewers receive the message.

It is by far not the full list of the business challenges we can help you solve. Every brand has its own challenges and goals to achieve. We are more than happy to talk about each of them. Contact us and let’s connect your brand with GenZ!


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