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How inSTREAMLY works

inSTREAMLY automates the process of displaying content on multiple live stream channels, making live streaming more accessible for brands and more profitable for streamers.

Register and join a campaign

Choose a brand you want to partner with and join a campaign.

Display brand messaging

Setup quickly in your streaming software and display brand content in your stream.

Earn money

Earn money each time your viewers see brand content.

Brand sponsorships are easy with inSTREAMLY.
No matter how many viewers you have.

Streamers and brands

Strong bond proven in action

Live streams that help you engage with viewers, monetise broadcasts and grow your channel.

Do what you love, keep streaming and start making money.

Reach Gen Z audiences through the most authentic medium - gaming influencers.

Effective live streaming campaigns

Great performing precision-targeted display campaigns at scale.


High effectiveness

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Maximum exposure

hours of content display


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Work with dozens of brands from around the world


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The range of services offered by inSTREAMLY, gave us an amazing opportunity to take the first step into the gaming world.

Displaying content during streams and non-standard activities helped us build credibility and engagement in this very demanding community.

Milena Wójcicka, Manager Brand Communication Originals PL, adidas

We have been working with streamers for some of top brand for years which worked best for non-standard, customized communication.

But when one wants to enter with simple communication message through many streams this is when inSTREAMLY comes in handy. It is a great alternative to display campaigns in more cluttered touchpoints

Maciej Boron, Director at Mediacom Beyond Advertising

I love inSTREAMLY for their client approach and the opportunity to have a lot of fun with the brand message. By doing a social campaign for Karmimy Psiaki, we could emit unobtrusive messages that did not disturb users in consuming content and were creative enough to attract attention. I really appreciate the ideas and commitment of the team in creating engaging artwork displays.

Iwona Duda, Sarigato Foundation

An important advantage of the campaign we ran using inSTREAMLY is 100% visibility. Content displays become an integral part of the stream. Each brand message display is shown in full and completely visible. This solution met our expectations.

Tomasz Milewski, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Samsung

inSTREAMLY is one of the most pleasant platforms I've had the opportunity to work with. The interface is extremely transparent and intuitive. Working with inSTREAMLY is a pure pleasure and helped me greatly to develop creatively. I can recommend this tool with confidence to anyone who wants to develop as a streamer.

roxen, streamer

What is inSTREAMLY to me? I think it is a great tool that allows you to work with global brands in a friendly way. Virtually everything can be done with a few clicks, so it doesn't take me much time. And most importantly - promotional displays are integrated to the stream and do not interrupt viewers in watching :D

DMG, streamer

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made by streamers for streamers

Maciej Sawicki

CEO, Co-founder

Streamer, journalist & video producer. Host of a leading esport show ‘Misja Esport’ with an audience of 500k+ per episode and co-founder of DV1, a CEE esport organisation.

Damian Konopka

CTO, Co-founder

Involved in esports and gaming since 2009. Programmer with 7 years of experience. Creator of STREAMERZY.PL, the most popular website and streamer database in Poland.

Wiktoria Wójcik

CSO, Co-founder

Streaming since 2016. Esports host and interviewer. Worked as a creative consultant and gaming expert in campaigns for clients like Play, OldSpice, Netflix and Ubisoft.

Szymon Kubiak

CGO, Co-founder

Former head of Content Creation at MediaCom. Involved in leading influencer & gaming campaigns in Poland for clients such as Play and Coca-Cola. Winner of many awards, including Effie, Innovation and Golden Arrow.

We are gamers, streamers, advertisers and media personalities.

We draw our collective experience from completely different worlds, joining forces to create a product that meets the needs of distinct groups.


Blik - how influential is customer’s trust for campaign success
3 min read

Blik - how influential is customer’s trust for campaign success

We went all the way and created 3 displays, reminiscent of the inventory panel from games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant. It turned out to be a hit. BLIK trusted our gut feeling and we got the green light to run the campaign.Read more

Donate to animals living in shelters - a campaign supporting dogs and cats during winter
3 min read

Donate to animals living in shelters - a campaign supporting dogs and cats during winter

Our four-legged friends living in shelters don’t have it easy all year round, but winter is a particularly difficult period for them. That is why, together with the Sarigato Foundation, we ran a campaign "Daj bezdomniakowi donejta” (eng. donate to shelter animals) in which we engaged streamers from all over Poland and collected as much as 143 kilograms of food from donations received from viewers.Read more

Play that tune right - learn how to play music while streaming without infringing copyright
5 min read

Play that tune right - learn how to play music while streaming without infringing copyright

Imagine hundreds of viewers engaged in watching your epic battle unfold when suddenly the lights go out and your stream is interrupted. Your viewers anxiously refresh the page only to be greeted with a message stating that this content is unavailable. What just happened?Read more

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Piotr Stanek
Head of Sales
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Szymon Kubiak
Chief Growth Officer

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