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Blik - how influential is customer’s trust for campaign success

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Iga Łukawska

Trust - supposedly a small thing, but in reality, quite significant. In cooperation with BLIK’s media agency, Spark Foundry, we decided to make artworks very firmly embedded in the world of gaming. The trust we received from our partners turned out to be a great investment which resulted in a successful campaign.

Blik is a Polish payment system enabling secure payment in stationary and online stores. The service is used by a significant number of online stores and within applications of the largest banks in Poland.

The brief, created by our Partners Spark Foundry (responsible for long-term activities for BLIK) and Publicis Game Lab (a business unit specializing in planning customer marketing activities in the area of gaming), had very specific requirements - promoting quick and easy BLIK payments during a pandemic. In addition, our focus in this campaign was on two BLIK functionalities: online and offline payments.

The viewer’s perception of displayed content is very important for us. We want the users to feel understood by the brand, by knowing their world and using their language. We want players to like the brand and in the era of ad-saturation, this can be a challenge.

Chart showing stream ad preferences.

At inSTREAMLY we bring streamers together and connect them with brands. Because of this, it’s important that the artwork and content we create exists in harmony with gaming. We began to wonder how to connect BLIK with games.

The answer turned out to be very easy! We decided to follow the simple fact, that in the world of gaming, a player won’t survive in the game for very long unless they purchase necessary items. We played on this element in connection with BLIK, which provides secure, fast and simple payments in a game called life.

We went all the way and created 3 displays, reminiscent of the inventory panel from games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant. It turned out to be a hit. BLIK trusted our gut feeling and we got the green light to run the campaign.

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It was the client’s trust in our convictions that showed exactly how much the outcome of the campaign can depend on it. If it wasn't for trust, the results could have been completely different, and yet they exceeded our wildest expectations.


Initially, the campaign was to run for 2 weeks, however BLIK was so pleased with the results that they decided to extend it for another week. This shows that the trust we were given had not been wasted and paid off for both parties.

Streamers using inSTREAMLY join campaigns by their own choosing, so it was clear that not only the viewers were influenced by the displays, but also by the streamers. The result? As many as 142 streamers joined this campaign.

So what really influences the success of a campaign? Of course, there are a lot of factors, both internal and external, however the foundation will always be compatible artwork (in this case, literally looking like a native element of the game) and deep client’s trust, which has a huge impact on what will eventually be released.

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