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French streamers join Unicef charity campaign raising over €50,000

French streamers join Unicef charity campaign raising over €50,000

Unicef is a world-known charity with a headquarters in practically every country. Their projects are always creative and heartwarming, showing that there is kindness in people’s hearts. So when Unicef’s French branch asked us to help with promoting their newest Streamin’ Night campaign, we were more than happy to run a campaign for the cause.  

Unicef charity for every child

Streamin’ Night was an event organised to celebrate Unicef’s 75th anniversary. Its main goal was to raise money for children and have fun with popular figures like Unicef’s ambassadors – Oxmo Puccino and Thierry Beccaro.

Children from all around the world need our help and initiatives such as this are needed. So when we got an opportunity to participate in this event as one of the media partners, we were more than happy to do it. Especially, when it was run in a place native for streamers.

Our technology allows brands to place their content in live streams. We connect streamers with companies giving them a chance to partner regardless of content creators being big or small. The inSTREAMLY platform gives brands a place to promote and collaborate with thousands of streamers, while streamers have a chance to earn doing what they love.

And when charity events like Streamin’ Night come, they enthusiastically join the campaign to help with a good cause. 36 streamers took part in this campaign, not only displaying the artwork. They also commented on the event and encouraged their viewers to join and help raise money.

It warms our hearts, knowing that stream viewers happily engaged with the artwork and checked the Streamin’ Night event. The results speak for themselves as the inSTREAMLY streamers and their fans helped raise over €50,000! unicef charity la streamin' night We are really happy that we were able to contribute to Unicef charity and prove that there is much kindness in this world.

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