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It's simple, you know? - Introduction

It's simple, you know? - Introduction

Powered by inSTREAMLY and hosted by Katarzyna Dąbrowska, "It's simple, you know?" is a podcast that navigates through the world of game streamers as a medium for brands to communicate and interact with Generation Z. inSTREAMLY is the leading platform connecting top brands to streamers worldwide for branded content partnerships. Do you want to know how to cooperate with streamers and why it is a good strategy for your brand? Are you looking for streaming insights? Do you want to stand out and be relevant to a young and influential audience? On this podcast, we share our knowledge of the streaming world, discuss its massive potential, interview important industry players, and bring exclusive content for you to start running innovative branded campaigns that bring superior results. Subscribe and stay tuned for new episodes every other Tuesday.

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