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014 ON becomes the operator of inStreamly’s streamer marketplace in Spain

014 ON becomes the operator of inStreamly’s streamer marketplace in Spain

Two years after entering the Spanish streaming market, inStreamly partners up with 014 ON and introduces the company as the marketplace operator in Spain. inStreamly will provide it with technology, know-how, and experience. Additionally, the platform will be renamed to 014 Live!

inStreamly had a significant impact on the development of the Spanish streaming market. Top brands, including Xbox, Warner Bros, McDonald’s, Universidad Europea, Kaiku Caffè Latte, PortAventura, have utilised the platform to reach generation Z. In total, there were over 50 campaigns organised on the Spanish market. inStreamly’s effective monetisation opportunities have attracted over 12.000 streamers from Spain, who have registered to the platform to date and were able to sign sponsorship deals with major brands.

014 ON is the digital agency of Grupo 014 Media, a leading Spanish media company with more than 30 years of history, working and collaborating on a daily basis with the most important advertisers and brands in Spain. 014 ON is now focused on developing and launching new products that help brands to reach specific audiences and to achieve their communication goals.

inStreamly together with 014 ON will continue with the mission of connecting brands and streamers. Both companies will operate the 014 Live! platform and continue to enable brands to reach young gamers in a native way, while streamers will continue to monetise their content.

Rafa Martín-Alós, CEO at 014 ON, said:

“014 Live! is the platform that allows brands to connect with the audiences of real Streamers and not with platforms. We offer advertisers a repetitive medium to reach Generation Z and Millennials who no longer consume traditional media. The partnership of inStreamly’s leading technology and 014 Media’s experience in the Spanish advertising market opens new communication opportunities for all brands interested in reaching that young audience.”

The partnership between 014 ON and inStreamly will enable the further development of the Spanish streamer marketplace. 014 ON has a deep knowledge of the market coupled with extensive experience in campaign sales and management. Combining this with inStreamly’s technology and expertise will benefit both brands and streamers in Spain.

Jakub Janaszek, Global Partership Director at inStreamly, said:

“Throughout 2023, we have been actively developing the idea of streamer marketplaces globally. Our strategy of working closely with local leaders has proven successful in many regions and countries. By partnering with 014 ON and establishing them as the operator of the Spanish streamer marketplace, we continue on this path. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to building strong partnerships and localised approaches to meet the needs of brands around the world.”

To find out more about the possibilities that 014 Live! offers to brands and streamers, head over to the official website.

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