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250 Applications for the Internship Program?

250 Applications for the Internship Program?

For several years we have seen how the job market is more focused on technology. As a result, opportunities arise, new jobs are advertised daily, and future employees are aware of exactly what they want in life. Often,  it’s a job in the gaming and live-streaming industry. And it got us thinking – why not conduct an internship program?

As inStreamly, we are part of the always growing gaming and live-streaming industry. We noticed that there is still a shortage of development opportunities for young people who want to develop professionally in this direction. That is why we decided to create a special program for interns that will allow them to spread their wings and start their adventure in this intriguing industry with us.

Looking For Talent

Through the whole process we were focused on finding real rock stars in various fields. High potential young talent that dreams about a career in the gaming and/or live-streaming industry, people that will become great specialists and leaders in the future.

With this program, we want selected candidates to have a rare opportunity to learn from gaming, streaming and esports professionals by working on fully-fledged business projects. And it has nothing to do with typical ‘make coffee and photocopy these documents all day’ internships.


‘I know that there are lots of young, talented people out there, who can do amazing things if you just open the doors for them. Their first-hand knowledge about gaming, esports and live streaming and their hunger for learning is something you cannot fake. Everything else can be taught. I’m 24 myself, and for many team members this is their first job ever. They started as juniors and now they manage whole products. We are looking for such talent and want to give them opportunities to grow and develop. That’s why we are doing this internship program. I promise that you won’t be doing mundane tasks, but will really develop an impactful project and learn how startups work.’

Wiktoria Wójcik, co-founder of inStreamly


Good Promotion Is the Key

Being fully aware that there are a lot of people that share the same passion as us, we prepared a detailed game-plan. We started with creating a dedicated landing page for those who wanted to apply. But of course, we didn’t stop there and went all in!

Discord Channel

As befits real players, we have a special Discord channel with streamers where we announce different sponsorships with brands and other important information. So it was only natural to use this place for this purpose also.


In order to better explain what we’re doing, we organised a webinar around the question: “How to get your first job in gaming?”. Wiktoria Wójcik, one of the co-founders, touched on topics like:

  • How does working in gaming look like
  • How to present your skills without tangible experience
  • And lots of tips on how to get into the industry

Social Media

We believe that social media is one of the best ways to get your message out there. And with the right message, you can easily reach the right people. So our plan was simple – speak loud and clear documenting each step of the journey while looking for more young talent to apply for the internship!

inStreamly campaign

As the last part of our promotion plan, we ran an inStreamly campaign. The goal here was to spread awareness about the internship program and also to invite stream viewers to apply. Because where will you find a more passionate community than people engaging daily with their favourite streamers?

We created a simple but still fancy artwork with a straightforward message and eye-catching visuals. It turned out that the combination of simplicity in design and a quirky animation worked best and many stream viewers interacted with us!


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Almost everyone in our company was somehow involved in the process of promoting the new program. We were all very excited about it. But we were even more excited about the results of the hard work we put into this project!

From 250 applications we have chosen 7 passionate people who will have an opportunity to work with us for 2 months straight. We are very happy to have them on board for some great projects!

The Chosen Interns Received:

  • individual internship plan built around the their talents and interests
  • freedom to explore their potential in various scenarios and fulfill their own business project
  • patronage of experienced specialists from gaming and esports industry
  • genuine business project to be implemented in real-life conditions
  • salary for taking part in the internship program

We look forward to seeing their development and we cannot wait to witness what kinds of rock stars they will become!


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