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A Revolution in Gaming We Have Been Waiting For?

A Revolution in Gaming We Have Been Waiting For?

Gamers are always on the lookout for ‘the next big thing’. Will Ubisoft’s new cloud computing technology appease their hunger? Will Ubisoft Scalar deliver on its promises, and what changes will it bring?

In other news:

⛑ Epic Games raising funds for Ukraine in Fortnite till April 3rd

🎮 A new Witcher game in the making

💻 Xbox Game Pass titles can now be played on Steam Deck’s Linux


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Computer games have a history of pushing hardware limits to the extreme. The best graphics, immense worlds and epic storylines draw gamers like bees to honey. However, the limitations of computing power can put on hold even on the most ambitious projects. Yes – titles are getting more innovative every year. Is this the true revolution though? Recent advancements in gaming technology feel more like a crawl than a sprint. Cloud computing may be the breakthrough we have been waiting for – if it’s done right.

Recently, Ubisoft presented Scalar, their cloud-computing technology set to revolutionise the game development industry. Scalar allows developers to use the computer network to expand the limits of hardware used to design and play games, which will enable designers to build larger, richer worlds with more consecutive players.

Ubisoft is not the first developer to try its luck with cloud computing. Both Microsoft and Improbable (with SpatialOS) tried to bring cloud computing to their games; however, neither resulted in anything impressive. In fact, after promising to deliver vast and lively worlds, games developed on SpatialOS ended up being sold off or cancelled entirely.

It remains to be seen if the Scalar shares the fate of its predecessors. As gamers, let’s keep our fingers crossed it will work!


Week review

Gaming Against the War in Ukraine

Fortnite has already raised $36 million for Ukraine relief

The popular battle royale’s new war theme is rather unfortunately timed, considering the continuing war in Ukraine. While the development of new content started before the Russian invasion, Epic Games decided to donate all the proceeds from in-game purchases to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

WePlay Compete launches esports charity initiative Play for Ukraine

Ukrainian tournament platform WePlay Compete, part of WePlay Esports, has launched a series of online esports tournaments to support the Ukrainian army. It’s an excellent opportunity to show your support for the cause, whether you’re a gamer or a brand.



Game Pass is on Steam Deck using an Edge browser beta

Thanks to official Microsoft support, Xbox Game Pass titles can now be streamed on Steam Deck handheld, running a custom Linux operating system. This boosts the new console’s value to new heights and may ensure its survival in the upcoming months and years.

CD Projekt Red announces a new Witcher game is in development

For the latest title in the legendary game series, CD Projekt Red will ditch the REDengine for Unreal Engine 5. After the poor launch of Cyberpunk 2077, the developers indeed have something to prove to the rest of the industry.


Games and Movies

Netflix announces new Tekken anime series

A popular fighting game series named Tekken: Bloodline is being turned into anime in another attempt to bring games onto the big and small screens. The teaser is available for all to see!


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