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inStreamly Careers. A Complete Guide to Finding a Job in the Gaming Industry.

inStreamly Careers. A Complete Guide to Finding a Job in the Gaming Industry.

What are your priorities in a new job? Do you want to be told exactly how to do things and when to do them? Where the only demand is to punch the proverbial clock and avoid any decision-making and responsibilities? If that’s the case, inStreamly won’t be the best fit for you. So, what’s it like to work with us?

  1. Not just another company
  2. Be free and take ownership at your job
  3. The potential of 100% remote work
  4. Core work values
  5. We care
  6. Not just work


Not Just Another Company

Each new team member gets the first taste of how we work from the very beginning of the onboarding process. After the first days of welcome meetings and getting acquainted with the tools we use in our day-to-day work, you will be allocated a few simple tasks to manage on your own. Your colleagues will support you. But the methods you want to implement to finish the tasks, and their outcome are yours to own.

You won’t be sitting bored for two weeks with someone else; there will be no micro-managing your work. You may wonder why that is? Aren’t we afraid you will make a Catastrophic Mistake? Are we all blind to the risks of an Ultimate F**kup? The answer is simple: we do not believe that something like that even exists. In some way, each mistake is a present.


Be Free and Take Ownership at Your Job

At inStreamly, we respect autonomy, the courage to make decisions and the ability to learn from success as well as mistakes. The way we see it is that everything you do is an opportunity to learn valuable lessons. We believe that people want to do their job the best they can and there is no ‘only right way’ to do it. Micromanaging day-to-day tasks and taking away the agency from the team to make decisions is a quick way to slow down the entire project.

The Only Thing Worse Than the Wrong Decision Is No Decision at All.

Why do we do that? Have you ever worked on a project that fell into decision-making hell? Maybe no one felt responsible for it. Or someone felt too intimidated to push it in the right direction. As a result, projects may spend months in preparation stages, moved around and discussed in endless meetings. Eventually forgotten or losing their relevance. 

Cherish Feedback; It Means That Someone Cares!

Solving problems, an open-minded approach and assuming the good intentions of teammates is practically our mantra. The foundation of our company is a feeling of trust and community at every level. We know that everyone at inStreamly has the same goal; we play on the same team and want the best for everyone. 

“The sense of having a community I treasure the most in a working environment. We are working remotely, yes. But the feeling of having someone to talk to and sharing your moments in life, especially in times like this, is vital. The bond between everyone here is strong, and I appreciate it.” 

Iga Łukawska, Content Creator

Feedback is the backbone of any successful team. The ability to give and receive it is a key to supporting each other in good and not-so-good situations. This is why we don’t shy away from praising great stuff or listening to suggestions for improvements. When giving feedback, we don’t look for scapegoats; we don’t point fingers or look for someone to blame. We always focus on the problem, the solutions and learnings. 

The Potential of 100% Remote Work

The beauty of remote work is that it gives opportunities for individual talents to shine. Regardless of the place they live. Everyone differs in the time they are most productive, the time they need for hobbies, family, or responsibilities. The nine-to-five work model may work very well in a factory line. But collapses in modern, innovative business.

“Working at inStreamly turned out to be a great opportunity to develop my interests. Thanks to the flexible working time, I have the opportunity to read my favourite books, go for a walk when the weather is nice, not “after work”.

I also learned to respect the culture of remote work. With such a large team developing dynamically, excellent and clear communication during remote work is most important. But also implemented in such a way as not to disturb each other.

In addition, I’m in a great team, where I know that I can count on the help of my friends and manager.”

Magdalena Denik, Financial Specialist

We have chosen the 100% remote work model for various reasons. However, the possibility for each team member to reach their maximum potential and maintain a healthy work-life balance was our priority. You can read more about remote job, what it looks like at inStreamly and why we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Core Work Values

Every company has some form of core work culture values it uses as the basis of its operations. Even if sometimes unspoken, they should lay the foundation for the work culture and ethics. Sometimes, these are a bunch of old phrases with no actual meaning and no relevance to reality. Fortunately, we don’t share this mindset.

At inStreamly we work according to a few fundamental values every day. These values help find common ground for everyone in the company. Regardless of position or seniority.


We Care

Since we do not have an office, we don’t have free coffee or fruit delivery on Thursdays. However, we care about what matters – the well-being and health of everyone in the team. Which is why we introduced a mental health wellness program using the HearMe platform in addition to private health care plans.

At inStreamly we understand that everyone has their challenges to overcome. Sometimes they may relate to job. Other times, private life is the source of stress, anxiety or depression. So it’s only natural that mental health will affect work performance. 

To help the employees deal with any issues, we offer everyone at inStreamly free, unlimited and anonymous access to the professional help of experienced therapists.


Not Just Work

Remote work is a great way to manage your own time and define your priorities; it doesn’t mean we are isolated! To keep in touch with one another, we constantly run fun online and offline activities related to work and not only. Almost all of us are gamers, so it’s only natural we love to play games together. Games like Among Us to Taboo or even keyboard typing challenges give a great short break and allow us to power up for the rest of the day.

Offline fun is also something we take care of, and it’s not only meetings in pubs over a pint of ale, though these are also in the program. In addition, sports challenges, photo contests and team-building events are great ways to connect with other team members. You can learn more about our company life in this article!


Having values, work ethics, and living by them are very often two different things. Not for us. Everyday people from inStreamly meet, work and play together, becoming something more than colleagues, more like a real team. If you feel like you belong in a place where you are free to do your job the way you want, where you are responsible for a meaningful part of the bigger picture and know that your work and opinions matter, join us. We are constantly on the lookout for talented, ambitious, and willing-to-learn individuals! Check our openings here!

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