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Concerts, Travel and All Things Retro 🏝️

Concerts, Travel and All Things Retro 🏝️

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Let’s take a look at today’s topics in bullet form:
👉 Gaming is starting to team up with the metaverse. What is the end result? Concerts! Of course, Epic Games reigns supreme in this with Fortnite, but Roblox also tried this formula. The virtual space is getting more and more full.

👉 Pandemic? It’s happening, but traveling is still appealing. However, you can combine safety with adventure. Twitch comes with the answer.

👉 Who doesn’t love retro stuff and retro games? Come on – I think we all love them! There are those who will pay a lot of money to get their beloved copy of the childhood game! For those with slightly smaller budgets, there are always platforms with retro games and places with retro game arcades.


So, let’s dive in! 🙌


Gaming week review


🎤 Fortnite, Ariana Grande, and gaming’s new musical revolution

The ‘Thank U, Next’ singer-songwriter is performing interactive gigs within Epic Games’ hit battle royale game this weekend.

🥁 ‘Limits are non-existent in the metaverse!’ 

Video game concerts become big business – a growing, lucrative market.

🎙️ Roblox will host music launch party for hip-hop artist KSI

Since concerts can’t be held during the pandemic, the virtual event is the next best thing.

🚀 Authentic Artists is launching AI-driven DJs for the metaverse

The James Murdoch-backed startup is getting ready to unleash some of its unlikely artists onto Twitch’s audience.


Live travelling

🌴 On Twitch, streaming is also about traveling

From checking the waves at sea before a surfing session to watching birds in their natural habitat, Twitch is offering content beyond gaming.

🗺️ Travel live streaming: an affordance perspective

This study draws on tourism literature and current examples to propose that the emergence of Travel Live Streaming (TLS) provides new affordances for live streamers, viewers, and sponsors.


Retro hype!

🕹️ Rare Super Mario Bros. game sells for $2M

A rare copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $2 million, the highest price ever paid for a single video game.

👾 Europe’s largest video arcade is in Greater Manchester and gamers can play all day

Arcade Club is packed with more than 400 retro and modern arcade games.


5 non-gaming brands you wouldn’t believe went into games

Do you think that gaming marketing is only for gaming brands? Think again! It’s no longer just the producers of sugar-rich fizzy drinks and triangular crispy snacks that want to promote their products and services through games. As the gaming industry itself becomes more diverse, so does the advertising within it. Let’s see how gaming advertising is not only for gaming companies but also for luxury, esports, food and beverage, technology, NGOs or any other sector that has Gen Z among their consumers.

Meet the team

Meet the team! Szymon Kubiak is a co-founder and the CGO of inStreamly. His professional career went through multiple colourful and diverse environments. 🎨

Before inStreamly, Szymon was head of content creation in MediaCom, the biggest Polish media house. Szymon has won over ten media prizes and awards, including Effie, MIXX and Innovation Awards.🏆

Szymon’s love for gaming and esports started with his first Amiga 600, when he was just seven years old. Fast forward to 2019, Szymon co-leads the best League of Legends team in Poland –! A living example of how far your passion may take you. 💪

To complete this image of a man with many surprises, we have to mention that Szymon used to have dreadlocks, played gigs as a DJ, co-hosted a music show on Radio Kampus, has been a stage Manager at the Audioriver music festival and spent a few months hitchhiking through South America. 👍

Privately Szymon is a loving father of soon-to-be three year old Franek, and a big fan of biking, especially fixed-gear bikes. 🚲

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Did you know

The Travel & Outdoors category on Twitch has increased by 95% in terms of hours watched in the last 30 days compared to the previous 30 days.

In the last month it recorded 5,433,268 HW.


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