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FMCG campaigns made with inStreamly! 11 examples

FMCG campaigns made with inStreamly! 11 examples

Grzegorz Łatka
Marketing ManagerGrzegorz Łatka

Nearly everyone uses and buys fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) daily. No matter the age or gender. Therefore, brands that promote their FMCG products, should never forget about addressing Generation Z in their campaigns.

Brands can no longer reach young gamers through TV campaigns, because the vast majority simply don’t watch it. Instead, Gen Z is consuming hours of gaming livestreams every day and interacting with their favorite content creators. Therefore, inStreamly becomes the platform that enables brands to reach young people with adblock-resistant messages and artworks.

Red Bull, Rockstar, Danio, and Deliveroo have already tapped into the world of livestreaming with inStreamly. Let’s go through their campaigns to learn more about how their campaigns enabled them to reach young audiences in a suitable environment.

Anonymized average results of FMCG campaigns on inStreamly:

  • Views: 610.000+ views on average
  • Clicks: 13.000+ clicks on average
  • CTR: Over 3% CTR on average
  • Number of streamers: Over 500 streamers on average

What’s even better, a brand lift study we have conducted for a drink campaign on the Polish market shows the real impact of inStreamly. After the campaign, 60% of viewers stated they saw the brand of drinks promoted in the last 7 days, which was an increase of 18 percentage points compared to answers since before the campaign.

Additionally, after the campaign, more surveyed viewers stated that they think the promoted brand of drinks supports streamers/gamers. It was a growth from 44% (before the campaign) to 60% (after the campaign).

Red Bull offers players extra wings

Red Bull demonstrated the impact of connecting with gamers through thoughtful gestures. They utilized a quiz, “What type of gamer are you?” offering participants a chance to win extra Red Bull wings, fostering strong brand engagement.

The campaign featured two unique gaming-themed artworks with gamer slang, leading to exceptional engagement among stream viewers.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 385

Danio’s here when your energy drops

Danone’s Danio brand embarked on a creative campaign to introduce Small Hunger, their playful character, to the gaming and live-streaming world, targeting Gen Z and gamers. Teaming up with VMLY&R, we utilized artificial intelligence to make Small Hunger interact with Fortnite streamers.

Thanks to the gameplay recognition technology, we tracked when the Fortnite streamer wasn’t doing well in the game (losing health points), and at that exact moment – Small Hunger Monster appeared to make some witty remarks, “Haha! Maybe you’d play better if you ate a yogurt?”

This campaign collected: 

  • 🏆 4 MIXX Awards,
  • 🏆 5 Innovation awards, including Gold “Innovation in business” award,
  • 🏆 5 KTR awards, including “Technology of the Year” award.

Read how Danone’s Small Hunger confronted Fortnite streamers.

Oyakata gives boosts during a pause

Oyakata’s campaign targeted the gaming audience with a full-screen animation featuring the brand’s hero, the Champion character. The character engages viewers by offering them an Oyakata treat, a perfect snack, while they wait for a new game.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 185

Brita reacts to the weather ⛅

The Brita Fill&Go campaign utilized popular in-game landscapes, adapting to dry and humid settings, and featured dynamic animations with compelling CTAs. Unique to this campaign, creatives adjusted in real-time based on Poland’s air humidity, sourced from AccuWeather.

The visuals seamlessly integrated with gaming environments like CS:GO and Valorant, capturing viewer engagement. This innovative campaign set a precedent as Poland’s first to dynamically respond to weather data, effectively highlighting the product amid the busy backdrop of live-streaming channels.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 108

Deliveroo satisfies hungry gamers

Deliveroo wanted to reach games hungry for emotions, offering an exclusive discount. The campaign’s striking, colourful creative and mouthwatering food imagery stood out on streams, enticing viewers to click and enjoy the special offer.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 720

Snickers knows “you’re not you when you’re hungry”

Snickers introduced the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign in the gaming metaverse. Over 170 streamers participated, showcasing Snickers as the ideal energy source during crucial gaming moments, thanks to a unique Gameplay Recognition mechanism. This innovative approach effectively engaged the gaming community and reinforced Snickers’ association with in-game performance.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 173

Read the full case study here: Snickers is in the game.

Rockstar knows the gaming slang

Rockstar’s campaign, used inStreamly’s technology to interact with chat in real-time. We created three responsive creatives triggered by phrases like “GG WP,” “POG,” and “KAPPA,” showcasing the understanding of streamers’ communication preferences and solidifying their brand’s connection with the gaming community.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1153

Crunchips introduces new product

Crunchips recently launched a CPV campaign to introduce their latest product, Crunchips Nachos. Leveraging a meme/gaming-themed hook, the campaign successfully captured viewers’ attention and generated significant interest during artwork placements.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1334

Orbit targets the right audience

To make online competitions more enjoyable and shareable, it’s essential to target the right audience. Orbit’s success in promoting their esports and gaming lottery highlights the importance of aligning your event with the interests of your specific audience, making it more engaging and share-worthy.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 470

Doritos-themed world in Fortnite

In a charismatic campaign aimed at building brand awareness, Doritos harnessed the power of the gaming and creative community to create unique Doritos-themed worlds in Fortnite. This strategic move successfully merged creativity with gaming community emphasizing its triangular DNA, with the ultimate goal of connecting the online and offline worlds.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1399

Nugosu interacts with viewers

Nugosu conducted a dedicated campaign with a special Trigger Words mechanism on hundreds of streams, capturing viewers’ attention and tailoring the content to the gaming community. In total three creatives where created, that dynamically reacted to specific chat phrases, delivering Nugosu-themed content in response to these gamer expressions.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 139

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Grzegorz Łatka
Marketing ManagerGrzegorz Łatka

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