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Super high click-through rate and how we encouraged young people to study gaming

Super high click-through rate and how we encouraged young people to study gaming

How to get super high click-through rate? Our experience working with streamers and their audience makes us extremely aware of how huge their potential is. Often they just need encouragement, to get them interested in the topic and adjust the campaign to their needs. Despite this, they often surprise us with their high commitment. And it was no different in the campaign for the College of Physical Education and Tourism which together with Devils.One created a dedicated field of study for gamers.

Check out our case study and discover how we managed to get super high click-through rate with our campaign!


Great potential

Streaming and gaming aren’t just a hobby anymore, they can also lead to an exciting career. Each year the demand for gaming-oriented studies is growing. And despite the enormous potential, people who wanted to be educated in this direction did not really have any prospects. Until now.

The College of Physical Education and Tourism, along with Devils.One, started the first Polish field of study which links a passion for esport with a professional career.


Perfect match

Nowadays, gaming is no longer a niche topic, however to reach gamers, you need to know where to find them. For instance, they is not a typical target group watching TV and listening to the radio – they are not interested in mainstream media.

That is why streamer sponsorships are the ideal way to promote esports-oriented studios – people who are watched by massive numbers of gamers who dream of a future related to their greatest interest – gaming.

Study esports!

Having access to a big number of gamers who dream of having a professional esports career – our objectives for this campaign were really simple. Get the attention of stream viewers and direct them to the school’s landing page in order to learn more about the studies.

At inSTREAMLY we bring streamers together and connect them with different brands making sure that sponsorships are always a perfect match. And here, it couldn’t get any better than that.


Eye-catching artwork

We always make sure that the artwork matches streamers’ content and has good quality. Why? Because having artwork that is in synergy with the world of games is also one of the keys to a successful campaign. 

Here it was no different. For this campaign Devils.One created the artwork. With a little help from us, they made an eye-catching and dynamic animation which only brought even better results for the campaign!



Super high click-through rate

Speaking of the results, saying that it shocked us is an understatement. We knew of course that the campaign would bring great results, but not THIS great! 

For three and a half months, 448 streamers took part in the campaign. Thanks to the appropriate adjustments of the target group, we managed to achieve an over 12% CTR!


Unbelievable? That’s right! This campaign showed us how important it is to perfectly match the target group. And it proved to us that we can aim even higher exceeding next thresholds in achieving a satisfactory CTR.


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