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How inStreamly Saves Time and Resources With AWS Services

How inStreamly Saves Time and Resources With AWS Services

Are you wondering what you can do to help your developers in everyday work and make it easier? So check out how we use AWS services at inStreamly!


Live Streaming Industry

These days, a successful marketing campaign aimed to reach young people from Generation Z has to consider the simple fact that traditional channels of communication are not as effective as they used to be. According to Gemius & AdReal, 90% of Internet users use their smartphones during the ad break on TV, while 46% use AdBlock to hide ads while online, leaving brands with no choice but to integrate Internet influencers and creators into their marketing strategies, to connect with youth culture.

In recent years live streaming has become one of the most popular ways for creators and influencers to communicate with their fans. This phenomenon has presented an excellent opportunity for brands interested in reaching tech-savvy, highly educated and ambitious young people.

Until recently, the process of signing sponsorship deals with individual streamers required a lot of time and resources. Signing a creator meant meticulous research, contract negotiations, and manually setting up o campaigns. In addition, post-campaign marketing representatives manually gathered scarce data from each streamer and compiled it in after-campaign reports. The process resulted in brands favouring top streamers with huge audiences and high costs.

inStreamly Way

inStreamly changes that. Thanks to our technology, brands can sign hundreds of creators simultaneously in short-term automated sponsorship campaigns with no need for the lengthy and costly process of individual setups. On the other hand, all creators gained access to sponsorships with leading brands, which they had not previously available.

Aside from the inSTERAMLY solution, dedicated to individual creators and brands, we have another product called Streamcoi, used by esports teams and streaming organisations such as MAD Lions, G2 Esports, BIG Clan or Vodafone Giants. The service allows users to automate most aspects of streamer network management. Campaigns using Streamcoi are quick and easy to set up, run, and modify. In addition, they can be monitored and summarised from a single manager panel on many streaming channels simultaneously.

How Do We Use AWS Services

To achieve a consistent, scalable and easy to update service, we use multiple AWS services, like:

  • AWS Fargate 
  • S3
  • ECS
  • RDS
  • Cloudfront
  • Route 53
  • Certificate Manager
  • Secrets Manager
  • AWS Firewall Manager
  • Load Balancers
  • Simple Email Service
  • CloudWatch
  • ElastiCache

AWS Fargate

One of the critical foundations for over 25 services we are running daily is AWS Fargate, which keeps all the operations up and running without a dedicated, full-time DevOps position, saving complexity and money.


Smooth creation of additional services is possible simply by adding a few lines of code and providing CPU and memory requirements, thanks to the connection with AWS CDK. Previously, the whole process of configuring EC2 took at least 30 minutes per new instance; now, we can do it instantly. In addition, easily auto-scale instances by adding more resources or just adding a copy of the container allow us to scale resources at any given moment.

AWS’s streamlining is also extremely important upon deploying a new version of our services. So by pushing Docker image to the ECS we are always sure about the error-proof results.

S3 buckets play an essential role at inStreamly, especially in ensuring the availability of campaign displays, such as videos or image files, which need to be accessible at any time. Connecting buckets fully private with CloudFront provides us with the highest level of security and freed our Team’s resources from maintaining them constantly. S3 buckets are also used in our SAAS solution (Streamcoi) to manage our customers’ display artworks and sponsored content. The need for the security of this data is even more prominent here. The reliability of the S3 buckets is also something we cannot overstate. Current daily data usage is approximately 50 GB of downloaded campaign artworks, with an ever-growing potential for more. With 24/7 demand, we have never been let down by this service.


We have found other multiple use cases for various AWS tools, which we cannot imagine our work without. Thanks to the custom dashboard of CloudWatch, we are saving hours on checking the current usage of services or logs. SMS & email alerts which we have configured, always inform key personnel about any events needing closer attention, such as abnormal CPU usage, or queries per second exceeding given values. 

Certificate Manager

Thanks to AWS services like Certificate Manager, we don’t need to worry about expiring SSL certificates or domains with Route 53. In addition, automating the whole process saves us an incredible amount of time rather than managing it manually.

Other tools

With Secrets Manager and one central location, we can keep all credentials secure and use them through every single application in our cloud architecture. The cross-application uniformity of all credentials is a great benefit of this feature.

Worth mentioning is also an important role the combination of Load Balancers with AWS Firewall Manager (with some additional rules) plays in protecting all of our services, especially in the context of detecting and denying suspicious traffic.


The reliability, accessibility, and streamlined services handling make the AWS ecosystem a delight to work with. As a result, we save time and resources on everyday tasks, which allows our developers to focus on delivering customers top-quality products.

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