inStreamly goes global. Taking a look back at 2023

inStreamly goes global. Taking a look back at 2023

As 2023 came to an end, we take a look back at the past few months to summarise the most important events. For us, it was a year of global expansion, as we started working with local partners to spread the idea of streamer marketplaces around the world. We also continued to develop our platform and technology to provide the highest quality service to both brands and streamers.

Streamer marketplaces around the world

When we talk about global expansion, we mean it. In 2023, inStreamly launched 11 marketplaces in different regions with top local partners. What started in Europe is now available in several countries in South America, the Middle East and Asia. Best of all, the list continues to grow, giving brands a unique opportunity to build awareness in the gaming space globally, while streamers get more monetisation opportunities.

2023 in the numbers

Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable numbers from last year.

Campaigns run by us and our partners around the world generated over 174,000,000 million views. Given that this was generated by 348 campaigns, each campaign generated around 500,000 views. Our streamer marketplaces have over 124,000 registered streamers who can participate in sponsorship campaigns with major brands.

Developing the technology

Our development team continues to work hard on inStreamly. The features and improvements we have introduced over the past few months prove it best.

Most importantly, we have introduced a brand new look for the Streamer Panel. It’s got a fresh, simplified and cleaner design, but it’s also loaded with improved performance.

We have also introduced a voice recognition mechanism. This allows sponsor content to be displayed when a specific word is said on the stream, making brand placement contextually relevant to the stream.

The clip shows a campaign for Monte in which we used the voice recognition mechanism. It was automatically activated when a streamer used words or phrases such as “pause” or “be right back”, which are directly related to Monte’s identity in the gaming space.

Community of streamers

Our community of inStreamly streamers never stops growing! This year we not only reached 10,000 Discord members on our server, but also the milestone of 100,000 active registered streamers. We currently have over 124,000 streamers registered on our marketplaces worldwide.

Our own Level Up! program has also seen some improvements. It now offers a points system that rewards additional activity in sponsorship campaigns. The program is also linked to the new Clips feature, which allows streamers to earn points by sharing clips of sponsored animations.

To stay closer to the most engaged inStreamly users, we have created the Community Council. It’s a group of dedicated members who can share their feedback directly with us. They also get first-hand access to the latest features.

Leading esports teams automate streamer management with Streamcoi

Esports is not at its best. That’s why esports teams are constantly looking for new ways to grow their business. Leading teams are turning to streaming to do this, and many are automating streamer management and monetisation with Streamcoi.

In 2023, Streamcoi’s list of partners has been joined by teams such as Team Vitality, Tundra Esports, Gentle Mates, Reply Totem, SK Gaming and many more. On the other hand, Streamcoi continued to work closely with long-standing partners such as BIG, Alternate, Eintracht Spandau and others.

Awarded campaigns

The end of last year brought us many awards for campaigns we co-created. Here’s the full list:
Durex – “How to do IT?” (click & read the case study here):

  • MIXX Awards – Best Use of Social Media – Silver 🥈
  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in media – Touchpoint Campaign – Bronze 🥉
  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in media – Digital & Interactive Campaign – Bronze 🥉
  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in media – ESG in communication – Bronze 🥉
  • Effie Poland – Young – Silver 🥈
  • Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR – Corporate Mission & Social Responsibility – Gold 🥇
  • Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR – Brave brands – Silver 🥈
  • Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR – Use of Social Platforms – Bronze 🥉

Doritos – “Express yourself with Doritos”:

  • MIXX Awards – Games & eSport – Honourable award 🏅

Nerf – “Nerf City in Fortnite” (click & read the case study here):

  • Golden Arrow – Digital Marketing – Internet campaign – Gold 🥇

Summer Survival:

  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in communication – Campaign/Social Action – Gold 🥇

Events and conferences around the world

2023 was full of business travel for the inStreamly crew. From Web Summit in Portugal, to Gamescom in Germany, to FinTech Festival in Singapore, to Ignite The Game in Saudi Arabia, to TwitchCon in France, and many more places and events. Our team has truly gone global this year!

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