inStreamly NewsInvestment14.04.2021
We Raised €1.1M to Shape the Future of Live Streaming Market!

We Raised €1.1M to Shape the Future of Live Streaming Market!

When we started inStreamly we started with a simple mission that every streamer should be able to earn money on their content and control how they do it. And that working with them should be easy for every manager or brand.

So we started building, not only our products but also the communities around them.
In the last 1,5 year of inStreamly we:

  • helped over 15000 European streamers earn money via micro-sponsorships with brands like Netflix, Samsung, Porsche or Adidas.
  • made it possible for over 40 esports organisations to manage and monetize their streamer easily via Streamcoi.
  • grew our awesome team from 5 to 35 and expanded our community of streamers on Discord to over 2,5k people.

But it was just a warm-up to us. That’s why we are inStreamly happy to announce that we raised a €1.1m seed round from Supernode Global, Colopl Next and PKO TFI to further accelerate our growth.

What’s Next?
How inStreamly Changes the World of Live-Streaming Monetisation?

Watch the video below 👇

Thank You, so Much.

Without your feedback, kind words and support none of this would have been possible. We promise that helping you grow in live-streaming, whether you are a creator, streamer, brand or esports org will always be our priority. And we always want to listen to – you can reach out to me or anyone in our team anytime you want, with anything.

Let’s go 🚀

Maciej Sawicki and inStreamly team.

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If you want to join us on our mission, we’re hiring!

If you are an investor – we are still open to angel investments that can help us on our way and on the road to our Series A. Join our investor newsletter and reach out to me – let’s talk!

Learn more about inStreamly history and live-streaming industry by listening to “It’s simple you know” podcast with our co-founder Wiktoria Wójcik.

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