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How to Communicate With Gamers – Campaign for Lenovo Gaming Laptop

How to Communicate With Gamers – Campaign for Lenovo Gaming Laptop

Getting gamers interested in the product is not easy. They are a very demanding target group that is difficult to reach. Therefore, together with Spark Foundry and Publicis Game Lab, we have created a campaign for Lenovo gaming laptop that perfectly suited gamers’ needs. The artworks we implemented are a completely new and original solution! Want to find out what it was? Read on!

Lenovo is a direct brand that is not afraid of completely new solutions not tested by anyone. It is known for interesting, unconventional solutions used to promote its products.

That Is Why Spark Foundry, Which Is Responsible for Long-Term Activities for Lenovo Gaming Laptop Legion 5I, and Publicis Game Lab, a Business Unit Specializing in Planning Customer Marketing Activities in the Area of Gaming, Invited Us to This Project.

Spread the Word About the Lenovo Gaming Laptop

The goal was simple – spread the word about the new laptop dedicated to gamers, Legion 5i, and encourage them to visit the website to get more information. But sometimes, even the simplest goals are the ones that are the most challenging due to high bar we set for ourselves.

And the challenge here was the ambitious technological implementation that we set for ourselves. We decided to involve users more strongly in the artworks.

We followed the insight that players belong to a group for which the method of communication is very important. If a brand wants to enter their world, it must use the language they speak. There are many phrases that may mean nothing to an average person, but for gamers it is a very important part of their daily communication.

Lenovo gaming laptop inStreamly campaign screenshot

Stream viewers want to be visible on the stream by donating and subscribing to have their message and nickname shown on the stream. Using inStreamly technology we could go a step further. We were able to display artworks that were closely related to what the viewers were currently chatting about in stream chatbox.

Game-Changing Mechanism

We came up with a mechanism that literally corresponded to what was happening in the stream’s live chat. As soon as the viewer used a certain phrase or word, a matching artwork promoting Lenovo gaming laptop Legion 5i popped up on the stream screen. The displayed artwork was related to the used phrase showing that Lenovo actively reacts to what viewers say and engages with them in real time.

From a technical point of view, this solution was the most difficult we have implemented so far. When we were devising it, we planned that the implementation itself would take us about 60 days. But our magicians from the dev department are no joke! In just 3 days, the mechanism was successfully implemented and the campaign was launched!

The artworks were a creative invention of Lenovo’s agency – Hogarth. We creatively supported the client in creating 3 copies, in which we included our trigger words: POG, KAPPA and GGWP. Each copy referred to the world of players and their everyday communication.

Creating this campaign was definitely not one of the simplest tasks. But thanks to it, we proved to ourselves that everything is possible, just a little bit of passion is enough.

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