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Meet Genki – A New Way to Monetise Live Stream Channels

Meet Genki – A New Way to Monetise Live Stream Channels

Asking fans for money isn’t easy. There can be many reasons fans don’t make donations or why creators don’t earn in other ways. We understand this and that’s why we created a tool that can make everyone’s life better.

What Is Genki?

Genki is a loyalty program that allows creators to earn commission from the purchases their fans make in thousands of shops affiliated with the Genki service. By using this platform, fans can show their appreciation for the work of their favourite creator easily and without spending additional money.

How to Monetise Live Stream Channels?

Genki is a browser extension that fans install and choose which creator they would like to appreciate. Then, they just do their normal everyday, online shopping in over 30,000 shops as they always do. The creator gets 1-5% commission from their purchases. Fans do not need to pay extra and the creator gets money to grow their channel.

The company estimates that an average creator using Genki can monetise around 20% of their total audience, with a yearly income per registered fan around $30. In comparison – a popular subscription and patronage platform estimates that 1-3% of creators’ audience can be monetised using the platform with the average total income per fan averaging at $21. 

But it’s not a zero-sum game for creators – using Genki and appreciating creators is free for fans. With Genki, the income is not tied to the willingness of the fan to pay anything to the creator. The money barrier changes into an action (registration and setup) barrier. Creators earn through Genki based on how much a fan spends online in total. 

A casual fan might be the one who brings in $100 a month just by being a regular and active shopper. They want to support the creator, but would not be willing to pay that much out of their own pocket. 


“No other platform out there provides similar benefits for both fans and creators alike. Current model of subscriptions and donations built in popular platforms is oversaturated and favoring only the top creators. Individual fans are only able to support at most a few creators at a time and often, the majority of them are not able to pay for the subscription, though they want to appreciate the creator. On the other hand, a significant number of creators do not like to ask for the money directly. Genki’s groundbreaking approach allows the creators to monetise a broader audience with a very low entry barrier.” – Wiktoria Wójcik, co-founder of inStreamly.


Genki Beta will be open for all creators for the first month. Afterwards, it will be switching to invite only mode, where creators can nominate their friends to join. Registered creators are able to promote the extension with their code and profit from their fans’ shopping. Creators can have an unlimited number of fans using the extension with their code.

Our mission is to help young creators grow and we believe that with Genki we have taken another step in assisting them in developing their passion. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best ones and that is exactly how Genki works for fans and creators alike!

Want to learn more about Genki and register as a creator or fan? Go to

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