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O Boticário sponsors female Brazilian streamers in a campaign that reacts live to in-game events

O Boticário sponsors female Brazilian streamers in a campaign that reacts live to in-game events

The common misconception, that the vast majority of gamers are male, is long gone. And statistics prove it, actually. According to reports published by Entertainment Software Association (2021 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry) and Newzoo (Male and Female Gamers: How Their Similarities and Differences Shape the Games Market), the number of male and female gamers is close to 50:50.

Knowing the data, gaming can no longer be considered as a way to reach the male audience only. It has become an attractive platform for female-focused brands to advertise through. The beauty industry has already started utilising this potential to reach female gamers with their products and activations.

Even though, the number of male and female gamers might be similar, there is still lack of inclusive initiatives that could help women in gaming grow.

Inclusive initiative with the Effie nomination

O Boticário, a top Brazilian cosmetic company, has addressed the issue in a campaign called Heroínas do Game, that aimed at creating an inclusive gaming environment. The campaign created by Druid Creative Gaming has recently been nominated for the prestigious Effie Brazil award.

To inspire a new generation of the inclusive gaming community, O Boticário has held a series of activations in Brazil. The brand became a sponsor of the female VALORANT roster representing LOUD, the biggest Brazilian esports club. Additionally, O Boticário invited a number of content creators, proplayers, and even a CEO of an esports organisation to become their ambassadors.

O Boticário sponsors female Brazilian streamers

It was also necessary to grow awareness about the Heroínas do Game activation and promote O Boticário’s products. It has been achieved through an interactive in-stream campaign, in which the brand sponsored over 60 female Brazilian streamers through the biggest Brazilian streamer marketplace, WARRIOR.

WARRIOR automatically connects brands with hundreds of smaller streamers, whose audiences are highly engaged and diversified, in sponsorship campaigns. That way, brands reach gamers in their native environment. WARRIOR is a Brazilian streamer marketplace operated by our local partner and supported with inStreamly’s technology and know-how.

Campaign reacted to in-game events

However, the awareness campaign wasn’t just like any other. It reacted to in-game events in real time, which enabled O Boticário to be the part of key moments of VALORANT streams. That way, the brand shared a message that was perfectly tailored to the game flow.

As you can see on the clips from the campaign, right after a streamer eliminates an opponent, gets a headshot or finishes a game, an artwork with a copy that refers to beauty products is being automatically displayed:

When a streamer eliminated an opponent, hit a headshot, or finished a match, a dedicated artwork that included a catchy copy and information about the Heroínas do Game campaign and O Boticário products, like face primer or eyeliner, was automatically displayed. Additionally, each time an artwork was displayed, a chat message with a link to the brand’s website was automatically sent on chat as well. That way, the streamer’s audience could easily visit O Boticário shop.

Statistics & facts about Heroínas do Game campaign on WARRIOR:

  • Generated 1,5 million views,
  • O Boticário sponsored over 60 female streamers through WARRIOR,
  • Reached nearly 2,5% CTR,
  • The whole campaign has received an Effie nomination.

By sponsoring over 60 female Brazilian streamers, O Boticário surfaced for the local gaming community as a partner, not an intruder. The sponsorship campaign generated nearly 1.5 million views and reached 2,5% CTR. O Boticário’s products were promoted among the female gamers attractively, that made the brand stand out from others.

Daniella Gallo, CEO of WARRIOR, said:

This partnership with O Boticário represents a significant milestone in the platform’s journey. The introduction of artificial intelligence into our services allows us to connect in a deeper and more authentic way with the streamers, as well as provide new forms of monetization for these women and boost empowerment.

Marcela de Masi Nogueira, Executive Director of Communications in Boticario Group, said:

It’s a personal reason to be proud of being part of a social transformation through some amazing jobs, such as we delivered at Heroínas do Game with WARRIOR. Since our brand has been more present in Games’ Universe, we have been more and more inspired to keep sponsoring and supporting female streamers, gamers and all the Brazilian girls that follow their examples of courage and empowerment in each profile or job done by our game heroines.

Bruna Pastorini, CSO and Partner at Druid Creative Gaming, said:

Through a close examination of our heroines’ gameplay journey, we identified how the live streaming moments were strategic in conveying our campaign message by connecting the beauty category with key moments in their gameplay. We were able to achieve a high level of message and creative customization, aligning it with in gaming moments, which is precisely one of the significant advantages of combining gaming with an innovative media solution like WARRIOR.

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