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Olympic games 🙌

Olympic games 🙌

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So it has begun. The inauguration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo set off the competition between the players, athletes, and also the countries that fielded their representatives – and the race began. “Okay,” one might ask, “but how does this relate to video games and live streaming?” Well – very closely, it would seem! It’s enough to listen to the inaugural music to see how deeply the gaming world has been embedded in the culture of this event as well. What’s more, the world of sport and esports is intertwined. This is noticed by more people and policymakers who are seriously considering the move to include esports in the Olympics. However, this event also draws on the whole tradition of sport as a video game theme that is very rich and worth noting. In this issue of the newsletter, we will look at how the Olympics, sport and esports interweave. And this is a very interesting prospect!




Gaming week review

Olympic games

🎵 The music for the athletes was a parade of video game hits

Is some of the music during the parade of nations reminding you of a climactic battle you once fought, or perhaps a title screen you clicked through a hundred times?

🎮 World’s first Paralympic video game launched

The development of The Pegasus Dream Tour video game is part of the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) efforts to bring its sports to a new and young audience.

🚀 The Olympics Shows Sports And Video Games Should Combine More Often

Opening themes, Witcher medallions, and Google RPGs



🎧 Tokyo Olympics get a taste of esports, sort of

After years of discussion over how and whether the Olympics should integrate competitive video gaming, esports had their place alongside traditional sports at the Tokyo Games this year.

⌛ Esports on the Olympic stage? It’s only a matter of time

In order for the Olympics to stay competitive and be attractive to younger viewers, it may have to bring esports into the fold. It might be the only way for the Olympics to maintain relevance in these modern, electronic times.

🏅 Could video games be the next big thing at the Olympics?

So why not go a step further? Could esports, yes competitive video games, be the next big thing at the Olympics?


Play (video) sport

🤺 EA Sports is in expansion mode

The biggest player in sports video games has plans to get even bigger — on mobile, in football, maybe even with basketball again

🎸 Blood, sweat, and tears: The music of sports in video games

One of the first video games in history was based on a sport.

⚽ Video game ‘FIFA 22’ gets more realism thanks to 22-player motion capture matches

To bring more realism to “FIFA 22,” EA Sports went to extremes on the pitch – and brought inclusivity to its announcing team.


Marketing to Gen Z – who are they and why should you care?

Do you sometimes wonder how marketing to Gen Z actually works? Don’t worry, we got you. Check our generation Z characteristics list and get your advertising on another level!

Gen Z trends show that they really care. FinanceOnline posted a report about their preferences and the outcomes are unbelievable. They are the first generation to truly care about diversity, mental health and the concept of gender fluidity. They teach other generations how to communicate with them and show what true respect to other people looks like.

Did you know…

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game recorded a significant increase in interest in the last 7 days when it comes to hours watched: 348.9% and hours broadcast: 425.6% – time compared to previous the previous 7 days


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