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Over 150 Streamers Supported Pride Month!

Over 150 Streamers Supported Pride Month!

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

Every day people fight for their right to be who they are, to love who they want, and to live as they wish. They stand against the repression and discrimination of human differences. That is why June is so important and unique for them and us at inStreamly. Gender equality, diversity, acceptance, and love – all of it is celebrated during Pride Month. As Gen Z representatives, streamers supported pride month with a belief that love doesn’t have any boundaries and has different colours to it. 

In June, over 150 streamers joined the inStreamly campaign to express their position on the matter and send a message of equality and human rights for everyone.

June is a month of pride and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Month is celebrated in many countries worldwide through different colourful events full of happiness and encouraging messages. There are festivals, parades, and parties, but it doesn’t always need to be an offline event. One of the other ways to celebrate this occasion is to show support for the case in online spaces.

At inStreamly, we believe that you can love whoever you want and you should be proud of your identity. People are diverse creatures – we don’t make the choice of who we are. We were born this way. That’s why we were more than happy to use our technology. Which makes displaying content on many streaming channels at the same time effortless, to connect streamers and send the message supporting LGBTQ+ community.

177 streamers from different countries joined hands and displayed rainbow artwork on their live broadcasts. The results speak for themselves because streamers displayed the artwork over 50,000 times!

In this campaign streamers and the viewers through their involvement in the action, proved that love has many faces and that each is equally valuable. We are proud and happy to see how the message spreads and encourages more people to be proud of who they are.

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Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

Writing is something that I really connect to. I love coming up with new ideas and creating stories. In private, I spend an embarrassing amount of time reading fanfics (yes, you read that right), feeding my brain with stories I can take inspiration from while cuddling my two cats.

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