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Rockstar Energy Drink Unites Over 800 Gamers

Rockstar Energy Drink Unites Over 800 Gamers

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

Over 3 billion people play video games worldwide. Many don’t have buddies who enjoy the same games, strategies or simply have the same device. So, Rockstar Energy Drink created a campaign to unite all Polish gamers and aid them in finding their gaming mates. How well did the campaign go? Read on to find out!

Table of contents:
Challenge – loneliness among gamers
Solution – gaming buddy website
Execution – diversification is always better

The Challenge – loneliness among gamers

According to Pew Research Centre, 54% of teen gamers play games with friends they know only online, and 52% play with strangers. More than half of all teenagers have made new friends online, and a third of them (36%) say they met a new friend or friends while playing video games. That’s why Rockstar Energy Drink decided to assist Polish gamers in finding friends to play with. Our goal was to raise awareness of the Rockstar Energy Drink brand among gamers by engaging as many Polish streamers as possible.

The Solution – gaming buddy website

The solution to this problem was simple – aid players in finding the right friends to play with by creating a quiz that matched the right players with each other. Participants had to answer questions about their gaming tastes and behaviours. 

The Execution – diversification is always better

In order to engage streamers, Rockstar built a website where gamers could find partners with the same preferences and tastes in games. 

To engage as many streamers as possible, we also have:

  • Announced the campaign in social media, including the inStreamly Discord server
  • Sent out the newsletter to our Polish community of streamers
  • Ran the sponsorship campaign with influencers who displayed our artworks on their streams.

Landing Page – find a duo for your solo

The Rockstar x inStreamly landing page was centred on the gaming-buddy-finding quiz. As described above, the quiz focused on analysing various characteristics and behaviours of participants to aid them in finding duo for their solo. It also included instructions and engaging CTAs. Players had to check in using their Discord account to play the quiz, which allowed us to share each pair’s contact information.

Participants who completed the quiz received:

  • An email with confirmation and the next steps for participants
  • An email with the contact details of their gaming soulmate
  • A personalized Player Card with their gamer stats, which they could share on their social media

Campaign on gaming streams – promo on hundreds of streams a month

To support the quiz landing page, Rockstar Energy Drink created 3 alternative artworks for the campaign on gaming streams, each with a unique copy tailored to the language of the gamers referring to particular games. The campaign was done through the inStreamly platform.

The first was more general, alerting gamers about the opportunity of meeting their ideal gaming partner. The second and third were more specific, asking questions about specific situations that could occur to any person playing alone in a multiplayer game. Every gamer could understand the messaging. 

They demonstrated that Rockstar Energy Drink knows how to communicate with the gaming community.


The power of friendship has won once again! The inStreamly x Rockstar Energy Drink campaign turned out to be the biggest inStreamly campaign to this day. We engaged 1317 streamers and delivered over 2 000 000 views!

Moreover, thanks to this campaign, about 800 polish gamers found their perfect gaming soulmates. 

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Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

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