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Diving Into Cyberpunk 2077 World and How Sprite Connected With Gamers

Diving Into Cyberpunk 2077 World and How Sprite Connected With Gamers

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most anticipated game of 2020 if not – all time. With Cyberpunk’s breathtaking art visuals, unique style, great mechanics, and all that jazz, it’s not surprising that brands wanted to collaborate with game producer, CD Projekt Red. And what is a better partner than a brand that speaks to gaming communities for years now? Check how Sprite sponsorship for Cyberpunk 2077 gamers was a huge success.

cyberpunk 2077 & sprite logo

We can all agree that December was Cyberpunk’s month. Almost everyone played and streamed this game. So it was the perfect opportunity for Sprite to make a lottery in which everyone would love to take part and win Cyberpunk prizes.

The best place, where you can communicate this kind of activation is live stream broadcasts. And that is why Mediacom, a media house responsible for Sprite’s brand activities, came to us.

The goal was simple – make a noise and drive as many people to Sprite’s lottery page as possible. So we had not one but two objectives to deliver here. One was to encourage streamers to take part in the campaign and the second was to redirect viewers to the landing page.

Gen Z activities distribution

We often say that it’s not easy to engage gamers because they are one of the most inaccessible and hard to reach target groups thus making them a marketers’ nightmare. But with a great product and great content, a nightmare campaign can change into one of the most satisfying.

Gen Z usage of ad blockers

This is exactly what happened here. At inStreamly, we bring streamers and brands together to create something that gamers can enjoy. With our little help, Sprite created a futuristic artwork that looked like it was taken straight from Cyberpunk’s world – Cyberpunk’s art and style was clearly present on Sprite’s artwork.

The Sprite x Cyberpunk 2077 Campaign Definitely Exceeded Our Expectations! 

  • Over 360 streamers took part in the 1st flight
  • Over 950 streamers took part in the 2nd flight

This means that in the overall campaign over 1,300 streamers brought Sprite’s lottery to their fans’ awareness!

But it is not everything! Apart from many streamers, our click-through rate was almost 3%, which is a really great result. Everyone enjoyed this campaign, not only us, but most importantly the streamers and their viewers, and the results prove it!

With this example, which was not a traditional Sprite sponsorship but a marketing campaign with hundreds of streamers,  we can see that if the puzzle pieces fit, everything falls into the right place, and we can proudly say that it was one of our most enjoyable campaigns.

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Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

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