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10 Tips on How to Start Your Streaming Journey on Twitch

10 Tips on How to Start Your Streaming Journey on Twitch

Have you been thinking about streaming for a long time? You set up your channel and don’t know what to do next? Or maybe you’re already streaming and wondering when the number of viewers will start to grow? If so, then you’re in the right place! We have prepared 10 tips on how to start streaming on Twitch or any other platform that will help you to succeed.

  1. Be yourself
  2. Be consistent during your livestreams
  3. Invest in a good microphone
  4. Have a clear vision of your stream
  5. Market yourself
  6. Get involved
  7. Don’t resort to gimmicks
  8. Don’t fear the chat / Connect via chat
  9. Follow other streamers
  10. Love what you do!

1. Be Yourself

We’ll start with the classic piece of advice that can be applied to every area of ​​life. Streaming is one of the few professions that allows for being totally natural and totally yourself, so why not use it? Pretending to be someone you’re not, in an attempt to encourage new viewers usually has the opposite effect, because they start to sense your lack of authenticity. You are your greatest asset.

Therefore, present your own opinion, be guided by your values ​​and beliefs and do what you think is right. By doing this today, you will be equipped to handle pressure coming from various directions (such as chat) and in the face of making important decisions with sponsors and organisations. So, if you want to know “how to start streaming on Twitch”, start by being true to yourself.

How to start streaming on Twitch

2. Be Consistent During Your Livestreams

Which way you go depends only on you, but there is a certain streaming truth that can make it a bit easier for you. In this case, it means being regular. Aim to stream at specific hours, set “your time” during which you will always be able to be found online. This will help get your fans accustomed to your schedule, get ahead of constant questions about the hours of subsequent streams and show that you are serious about your new activity.

3. Invest in a Good Microphone

If the streaming profession requires some expenses, they are almost always related to improving your equipment. Fan donations can help fund a new keyboard or processor, however there are some investments that you’ll need to make before you start your streaming adventure. Such investments include choosing a good microphone. As a streamer you will work mainly with your voice, so the sound that reaches your audience must be clear, otherwise watching your stream will become a challenge.

A good webcam should be next in your hardware wishlist. The most commonly used cameras by streamers are Logitech C920 and C922 with full HD resolution, the cheaper Creative Live! Cam Sync HD or Razer Kiyo.

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4. Have a Clear Vision for Your Twitch Stream

An important aspect of how to start your streaming journey on Twitch or any other platform is to have a clear vision of your stream. The most important is who you are, what you stand for and how you market yourself. By having a clear vision of your channel and its audience, you will know how to communicate, attract more fans, and thus subsequent subscriptions and interest from brands. The more viewers you have, the easier it is to earn.

When setting up your channel, you should know in which direction you want to go, otherwise you will easily get lost in the streaming reality. Do you want to play around with content? Present fresh releases, independent games or, on the contrary, dive into sentimental childhood games? Or maybe everything at once, on particular days of the week? Sounds good. However, if you are great at a specific game, share your knowledge, your gameplay techniques or organise your own challenges.

Anyway, who said that a streamer is just a gamer? Show your culinary, musical or artistic skills during your stream. The sky is really the limit when it comes to ideas and largely depends only on what’s in your heart. Pick what you enjoy doing the most and don’t force anything.


  • AnnieBot plays only one character in League of Legends, and he is very good at it
  • TheOneManny always streams as a dog using a special program
  • CohhCarnage always plays the latest releases, always at the highest level of difficulty and always 100% – even if it takes a month

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5. Market Yourself on Twitch

Good advertising is not bad, white subtle and thoughtful advertising can really develop your channel. The easiest way to self promote is to run your own social media outside the streaming platform. Choose the platform that suits you best, there are a lot of options: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or maybe something else? Publish there regularly by inviting viewers to your stream and sharing interesting content.

Another way is to post stream information on online forums dedicated to specific games. If you do not want to publish posts, it is a great idea to join a streaming group that brings together creators on a specific platform, look for such groups in your language on Facebook or Discord. However, if you devote yourself to a game belonging to the esports category, an effective way to attract new viewers is to participate in emerging tournaments of various leagues (such as FaceIT or regional tournaments).

Getting promoted to the higher stages of such games will guarantee increased interest from the viewers. As you can see, there are many advertising methods and they depend largely on what you would like to achieve. Also, remember that you shouldn’t overdo it. Mindless spamming with a link to your channel can cost your reputation.

market yourself to grow your twitch streaming channel

6. Get Involved

The direction in which your channel will grow and how fast it will grow is determined primarily by the degree of your involvement. However, it’s hard to get involved when the view count stands still, right? Look at it from a different angle. The best stage in any streaming career is still ahead of you – that sweet moment when every new fan is a big event, not another number in the statistics. So if one person is watching you, give your absolute all for them, because the worst thing you can do is believe that it is not worth trying for such a small audience. Thinking in this way won’t get you to where you want to be.

7. Don’t Resort to Gimmicks

Some streamers who are just starting out think that certain ideas and behaviours that streamers are justified in order to gain popularity. Showing breasts, aggression, vulgarity, swearing, insulting other streamers, or getting drunk to unconsciousness are actions that will quickly make you known to the whole community. However, it’s risky business. This way you easily find your channel blocked and become the butt of jokes within the community – a negative opinion can follow you for years to come.

8. Don’t Fear the Chat / Connect via Chat on Twitch

How can you be ready to start streaming on Twitch (or any other platform) if you are not prepared to handle the interaction with your community? There is no need to explain to anyone how important the chat element is of every channel. Starting your streaming adventure, you must learn how to handle one powerful tool, which are user reviews.

First of all, establish a close relationship with viewers. Say hello to those arriving, goodbye to those who leave. Show interest, ask who they are, what they do, how their day was. With an intimate group, remembering individual users will not be difficult, making each of them will feel special and will certainly want to stay for longer. Also, try to control what is happening in the chat, answer the questions and, above all, do not ignore anyone, otherwise you might be ignored yourself.

chat with your audience on twitch to grow

9. Follow Other Streamers on Twitch

Nothing educates better like watching professionals at work. Visit other streamers, compare aesthetics and channel ideas. Pay attention to how their conversations with viewers look like, how comfortable is the chat and how they deal with intrusive users. Ask about their solutions or favourite equipment. This gets you knowledge straight from the source and a deeper understanding of the streaming community. Maybe you can also establish some valuable relationships.

10. Love What You Do!

The last and most important piece of advice on how to start streaming on Twitch! If you love your new job, each of the above tips will prove to be extremely easy to implement, and you will find yourself on a straight path to success. Here’s a simple recipe for a great career in streaming.

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