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Who Is the TOP 2021 Twitch Streamer?

Who Is the TOP 2021 Twitch Streamer?

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

2021 has come to an end, but the time for summaries has just begun! Many things happened this year, and various industries have had a tough time dealing with them. However, streaming isn’t one of them (well, maybe with the Twitch info leak exception). Streaming platforms are growing rapidly, and new streamers are joining every day. So what kind of gamers and streamers would we be if we didn’t follow the news? Today, we want to share our insights on the Top 2021 Twitch streamers!

  1. xQc
  2. Shroud
  3. Ninja
  4. Mizkif
  5. Ludwig



The number #1 most-watched place is still being occupied (second year in a row) by xQc. He accrued over 271 million hours! If you need a reminder, it’s around 100 million hours more compared to last year. That has to be some kind of record, right? His average viewership is also pretty impressive. Imagine you can gather over 175k people in front of their monitors – this was his peak viewership, but the average 75k isn’t so bad either.

As for today, he has 9.72 million followers, from which 5.23 million subscribed to his channel this year. 

And what about his favourite games? This year 41% of his time was reserved for GTAV. His second favourite category was Just Chatting, which he spent 792 hours (21%) on. Minecraft follows with only 199 hours, racking up about 5,5% of his total streaming time. 


Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is on top of his game this year. According to GAME’s Gaming Twitch Streamer Report, he is the most popular Twitch gamer so far. They analysed hundreds of Twitch streamers and ranked them based on their number of followers and views on Twitch, their follower growth over the last 12 months, and their total following on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. And his stats are very impressive. Right now, Shroud has as many as 9.86 million followers, with 1.19 million that had joined him this year, and he streamed only for 2,506 hours this year!

He was also chosen as a fan’s favourite by gamers from all over the world. According to The Loadout, Shroud’s net worth is estimated to be between $6-10 million. Depending on his contract with Mixer, it could very well be much higher. Canada is taking a firm position this year in the streaming universe. 

When it comes to games he chooses to play, a significant portion of his time is spent playing Valorant, but he also took a considerable interest in New World. As a result, our beloved World of Warcraft takes the third position on his list. What a classic. 


And this is the one person that had to be on this list. Ninja is probably by far the most known streamer in the world. You don’t have to be a gamer to know this name. He participated in several esports teams, but his friendship with Travis Scott and Drake put him in the spotlight. At this moment, 17.6 million people subscribe to his channel. 

Ninja’s channel is not growing as effectively as the two listed above. However, he is still the highest-paid streamer in history. His short partnership with Mixer has earned him around $20-$30 million. Taking into account all of Ninja’s revenue streams, a conservative estimate would see him earning approximately $25 million a year. Remember that it’s all only an estimation. The amount is probably considerably higher. 


Mizkif may not be as big ad xQc or earn as much as Ninja, but his place on the list is totally justified. He started as a cameraman for ICE_POSEIDON and started streaming himself in 2018. Since then, he has made a significant leap forward. This year alone, he tripled his average viewership, with peak viewers as high as 192k, and was involved in monumental moments across the year. Right now, we can say that he has become one of the most recognisable faces on Twitch – which is remarkable when you consider the short amount of time he is present in the streaming world. 

You can see his popularity level by looking at what he is streaming the most these days. He spent 61% of his time by Just Chatting and the game he streamed the most was Super Mario 64. Not the best choice for streamers who want to become more popular. 


Ok, you can say that this list is all about Twitch streamers, and the platform lost Ludwig to YouTube Gaming. Nevertheless, IMO if you are talking about TOP streamers of 2021, you just can’t leave out Ludwig after the year he had. He became a star of the streaming world and is now listed among the biggest trendsetters like Amouranth, or Sodapoppin. He is most known for setting off subathons. You can love them or hate them, but it can’t be argued that the impact on the community hasn’t been significant. 

Nowadays, he has over 3 million followers with 165k peak viewership. He spends half of his time chatting with fans, and he is also invested in playing Valorant and Pokemon Platinum.


The list closes here. There are many unique streamers worldwide, and this list shows only our subjective perspective. If your favourite streamer didn’t make it – it was probably because of the space shortage. But, if you don’t know everyone listed above, be sure to check them out. All of them have made a massive impact on our community and will be remembered by streaming history. And if you dream to join them someday, make sure to check out our other inspiring streamer stories!  


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Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

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