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8 Reasons Why Working With Micro Influencers and Streamers Instead of the Platform Is Better

8 Reasons Why Working With Micro Influencers and Streamers Instead of the Platform Is Better

Hey you, Marketing Campaign Manager! Platforms, or micro influencers? Should you engage with one or the other? We look at the reasons why working with micro streamers gives your campaigns the edge and a high marketing ROI.

1. Credibility

Streamers are influencers that carry their own identity and build long-lasting communities around them. In essence, they are their own brand which they need to promote and maintain. In order to build that credibility, they need to convince their audience that their content is worth following, which may take a lot of effort and time – but the fruits of such an approach can surprise many.

Once they establish their identity and build a group of supporters, these followers will view the content as directly endorsed by the streamer and place more trust in the promoted products or services. The bond of micro influencers or micro streamers with their communities is even stronger, hence their credibility and influence are great assets that your brand can benefit from.

2. Micro Influencers, Macro Engagement

Micro influencers or streamers are aware the performance of a campaign is directly linked to their actions on stream, that’s why they engage with the community by discussing the product in question. These are often aspiring full-time streamers who may be just too small to sign deals with major brands directly. Working through inStreamly helps them reach their goals in promoting your product, that’s why they’ll go the extra mile.

What’s equally important are the surrounding micro communities of viewers who participate in stream chat which is not flooded with messages from viewers. This allows to engage in more “rational” conversations and often view the text in chat that relates to on-stream content. This leads to better conversion. It’s a win-win for both streamers and brands.

3. Relationship With Streamers

inStreamly acts as a medium between brands and streamers. We have our dedicated community of streamers present on Discord, where each streamer contributes and engages with other fellow streamers. This sense of community creates a closer relationship between streamers and ourselves – a sense of “streamer loyalty” emerges. That’s why we know our streamers will do their best to promote the brands they work with – we see it across campaign performances.

4. Uninterrupted Broadcast

Live streaming platforms have multiple ways of monetizing their platforms, one of which are ads. Ads have two major defects:

  • they fully obstruct the content viewed and
  • they are often too generic

What this leads to is viewers, whose streaming is interrupted by ads, deploy ad-blocking software to limit the ability of content reaching viewers.

With inStreamly, the selectively chosen content by streamers is displayed directly on stream. But it’s no ordinary content. Which leads us to…

5. Innovative Ways of Displaying and Viewing Content


inStreamly is not your classic display/pre-roll agency. Our aim is to provide a platform for brands to reach the best marketing performance while supporting micro streamers and influencers. The content we provide is often animated and interactive, allowing it to seamlessly blend into a content producer’s stream.

Here’s an example of an interactive campaign we did for Netflix to promote The Old Guard, and you can see several other examples and case studies here.

What this campaign allowed us was to display viewers usernames as part of the content. We wanted to promote our streamer’s viewers as actors in The Old Guard. To do this, we would display on stream “Viewer_Username” starring as “character Y” in the movie, giving a sense of empowerment to viewers. This lead to strong engagement which translated into a high CTR.

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6. Micro Influencers Are Flexible and Their Reach Is Going to Surprise You

The largest streamers often sign exclusivity deals with platforms. With more choices as to which platform to stream on, we give streamers the choice of where to stream and how to stream – leading to content being displayed on multiple platforms rather than one. In an effortless manner you know you can display your artwork on different sites, rather than approach streamers individually and worry where they stream.

Here’s a look at some numbers. If a medium-sized influencer with an audience of 2300 viewers was to generate as many content views as our largest campaign (1 million views), it would take him over 3 months (111 days) of streaming every day for a minimum of 4 hours a day. We can do as many campaign views on a group of 180 streamers in two weeks.

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7. Micro Influencers Are Independent

Streamers, whether content creators or professional players, can stream as little or as much as they like. They fundamentally become members of the gig economy. As such, brands can decide which streamers to work with by preapproving the list of micro streamers who will promote their content. Similarly, we empower our streamers by giving them the exact same choice. What this actually leads to is a closer tie between the two, rather than a generic one-size-fits-all approach.

8. Minimum Admin

While the previous reasons may sound compelling enough, they wouldn’t make sense if it all required significant effort from each brand to reach out to multiple streamers with various audiences – not to mention the limited understanding of what KPIs to track and report by each streamer.

That’s where inStreamly shines – we have done all that for the streamers. Brands can simply show the campaign and we’ll sort out all the operational aspects of running a campaign on stream.

Main cover photo by Emmanuel on Unsplash

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