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Why Your Brand Should Use Live Streaming as a Marketing Channel

Why Your Brand Should Use Live Streaming as a Marketing Channel

The world of digital marketing is constantly moving forward. Just a few years ago, blog posts were all the rage. Then came the era of videos – they took the Internet by storm, changing the way we want to learn new information. Nowadays, one of the most effective marketing channels is live streaming. Is it just the next trend that will sooner or later become obsolete? Or maybe is there more to live stream marketing and we have substantial reasons to believe that this marketing channel is a gift that will keep on giving? Let’s find out!

Why Is Live Streaming Marketing So Effective?

While videos alone transformed the way people want to receive information, live videos changed the way brands interact with consumers. This shift brought opportunities that can elevate a brand, give it a distinct personality and make potential clients want to build a long-lasting relationship with it. So, live streaming is definitely a marketing channel your brand should be using. But, why does it work so well?

Customers Are Becoming More Conscious

Live video marketing fits the profile of a modern consumer perfectly. Nowadays, people expect more from brands – more credibility, more integrity, more effort in building relationships with them.

  1. They want to make conscious choices and have control over whom they give their money to. Noticeably more wealthy than they were a decade or two ago, and with remarkably a larger pool of businesses to choose from, they are also pickier than ever before.
  2. They value ethics more and want brand missions and visions to align with theirs. Live videos give them a sense of accessibility, a comforting feeling that they get to know the business in its true, unpolished form. Brands who live stream are perceived as not only more attentive but also more candid – and this translates directly into sales.

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“Lives” Allow You to Establish Long-Lasting Relationships With Your Clients

A brand that uses live streams as a marketing channel is no longer a faceless, voiceless temple of capitalism – suddenly, it almost becomes a living entity. And you have full control over its personality, which allows you to mould it to your liking. Do you want your brand to be perceived as a trustworthy friend whose assistance they can always count on? Or maybe as a smart advisor, a true market leader? With live streaming, it’s relatively easy to do. Consumers trust what they see – while pre-made videos at times may seem artificial and insincere, “lives” help build trust and credibility. Viewers feel as if they were watching your company behind the scenes, which helps you to build rapport and influence them.

Live Videos as a Marketing Channel Have Incomparable Reach

With 3.5 millions of smartphone users worldwide, it’s no wonder live videos have an enormous audience, especially if we consider how people interact with their smart devices. Used to the constant influx of stimuli, they eagerly scroll through social media pages in the hunt for something entertaining. Live stream ads are likely to catch their attention and keep it for some time. Moreover, being able to connect with the Internet from any place at any time, they can watch live webinars and streams whenever they want.

“Lives” Are Easy to Consume

An attention span of an average internet user is very short. The information overload they experience makes them unlikely to willingly spend more than just a few seconds on a blog post coming from a brand they are not familiar with. Gaining information about a product or a service by reading is usually considered not worth the effort. Live videos are simply easier and more pleasant to consume and make more of an impression. Emotionally-driven content will always be more memorable than a simple ad.

“Lives” Encourage Engagement

Live stream videos are, by nature, a very interactive medium. They enjoy a bigger audience than other marketing channels, who are more likely to engage. This situation is beneficial in two ways:

  1. Engagement is favoured by the algorithms that rule the realm of the Internet, so you can count on reaching an even wider audience.
  2. Engagement significantly increases conversion – interaction with a brand creates an emotional association that sooner or later turns into a sale.

Live Marketing Is Extremely Versatile and Fits Any Industry

Do you think that promotion through live streaming works only for specific industries, such as gaming or e-commerce? Fortunately, this is not the case. It is a very adjustable medium, one that can be successfully adapted to almost any sector. No matter if you are a small manufacturer or run an enormous corporation, live streaming can bring you sales – all it takes is implementing a proper strategy.

You Can Collaborate With Influencers in the Most Powerful Way

Finally, let’s discuss one of the most compelling ways of using live streaming marketing, namely – collaborating with streaming influencers. Internet personalities can effortlessly reach millions of viewers and their recommendations have repeatedly led to sales booms. Their marketing potential is tremendous. Just think about it – it’s a form of advertising that will not be overlooked or blocked by an AdBlock, your brand awareness gets an instant boost, and henceforth, your product or services will be associated with a widely admired person. Choosing the right influencer and creating a lucrative partnership with them can take your brand to the top.

marketing campaigns with streamersGet the Most Out of Live Streaming as a Marketing Channel

As you can see, live streaming is a medium that provides a myriad of opportunities. It is a brilliant marketing tool that is expected to keep growing in popularity – the live streaming moment is now. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and master the art of live stream promotion, it’s best to seek a reliable partner. inStreamly can become your easy entry into the world of streaming – connect with influencers, manage your campaigns, and measure the effects with ease. See what inStreamly can offer your brand today.

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