inStreamly Internship Program

Do you want to reach the top of your career sooner than you’ve ever expected?

Blob inStreamly internship Blob inStreamly internship


Work Format: Remote
Schedule: 20 hours per week
Internship’s length: 2 Months (July-August)
Application due date: 25.05.2022
Blob inStreamly internship
Blob inStreamly internship

Have you ever thought about a career in the gaming industry? Maybe you are a newbie streamer? Or maybe you already had some experience in summer jobs and student organisations but you want to accelerate your career in gaming? If so, then we have the perfect paid summer opportunity for you!

Blob inStreamly internship
inStreamly team

Who are we?//

We're a community of geeks that understands how difficult it can be to monetise the content we make. So we took matters into our own hands and created an ecosystem of solutions to help streamers grow, to assist brands in collaborating with streamers, and monetising audiences.

We have already helped over 40k streamers earn money via micro-sponsorships with brands like Netflix, Samsung, Porsche and Adidas. With us, every niche and developing streamer has the opportunity to make money doing what they love.

On top of that we raised a €1.5m seed round to further accelerate our growth. Now, with the inStreamly Internship Program, you too can be a part of that and change the world of live-streaming!

Who do we look for?//

At inStreamly, we think that passion and dedication are the most important values in life. That’s why we decided to prepare a fully paid scholarship plan for young people who aspire to achieve greatness in the MarTech business. You will be able to pursue your passion while also learning skills that will benefit you in your professional life. And who knows? Maybe after 2 months you will join our team for the foreseeable future?

You Will Learn:/

How a fast-growing gaming startup works

What a specialist's work in a specific field looks like

How to create and lead an end to end project with an established budget

Which career path might be best for your skills and abilities

How your solutions work in a real market

Blob inStreamly internship

How does it work?/

With us, you have the freedom to choose your own path. We will assist you in realising your full potential in a variety of areas, including:

Product manager






Business development


Blob inStreamly internship

If you want to know more about inStreamly and our Internship Program, be sure to join our dedicated Discord server. Our employees and our previous interns are always ready to answer all your questions!

Check now! Discord Instreamly Internship server
Work Format: Remote
Schedule: 20 hours per week
Internship’s length: 2 Months (July-August)
Application due date: 25.05.2022

Benefits of our internship

Full Scholarship

The internship is fully paid, each intern will participate in inStreamly Scholarship Plan

Innovative Work Culture

You can work whenever and wherever you want. Moreover all interns will have the chance to test a compressed, 4-day work schedule along with our company

Personal Project & Mentor Evaluation

At the end of your internship you will deliver your own project supervised by one of inStreamly founders. Projects will be evaluated by specialists and tested in a real market

Future Possibilities

After the scholarship ends, chosen interns will have the chance to work with us further. Previously, 30% of our interns joined the company as permanent employees!

What it's like to work
at inStreamly?

The internship made it possible for me to start my career smoothly and provided me with an opportunity to learn from a highly skilled team inside a dynamic, constantly evolving environment.

As an intern I was guided through the responsibilities and goals of each department, which enabled me to choose the path I want to take

Jan Bryński//: Junior Front-end Developer

Jan Bryński Junior Front-end Developer
Blob inStreamly Internship Blob inStreamly Internship

My internship was a journey through different cogs that are making sure that the machine is going in the right direction[...] I think that the inStreamly Internship program is a great opportunity for people that are at the beginning of their career. You don’t have to be 100% sure what position or department is for you. You can join, discover new things and find your own path.

Filip Denis//: Junior Marketing Specialist

Filip Denis Junior Marketing Specialist

In our company, you can find many young people in senior positions. Despite their age, they have already achieved many accomplishments. Below, you can meet some of them:

Jakub Janaszek


25 years old
Streamcoi Product Lead

Hubert Sosik


26 years old Product Lead

Mateusz Wiśniewski


25 years old
Senior Marketing Project Manager

Blob inStreamly Internship Blob inStreamly Internship

Apply Now

The only thing you need to do is to prepare your CV with all the necessary information and fill out the application you can find below. Remember to do it before 25.05.2022. Don’t wait and start your adventure today!

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