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InStreamly Internship 2.0

InStreamly Internship 2.0

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

The first edition of the inStreamly internship program was a blast. We received over 250 applications, chose seven interns who worked with us for two months straight, and a few of them stayed with us permanently. The second edition was even more successful. 

Who could apply for the program? How hard was the recruitment process? Will we continue to do similar programs in the future? 

Table of contents:
Who were we looking for?
Recruitment process
Internship results
Interns’ opinions about the program
The final word

Who were we looking for?

We don’t care about your experience or diplomas. The whole idea behind the internship is to discover extraordinary young minds. We were looking for creativity, passion, eagerness to learn, and unique skills. We wanted to allow gaming, esports or streaming enthusiasts to work in a natural, dynamic company that offers them as much freedom as possible. 

All applicants had to be aware that individual independence is what we strive for. We wanted our future interns to develop their own projects from A to Z (with the help of their future mentor). Each project had to have a tangible impact on the company’s development. They could choose one of inStreamly’s many departments:

inStreamly internship departments

This allowed us to increase the program’s value, and the interns gained relevant work experience. 

Recruitment process

At first, every candidate filled out a recruitment form on our website. Besides basic personal information, each candidate had to answer the following questions:

  • Why would you like to take part in the internship program? 
  • What can other people learn from you?
  • Is there any specific specialisation you want to develop in your career?
  • What is your experience in gaming/esports so far? 

At this point, we received over 350 applications! We had plenty to choose from. From this pool, we selected 82 people for the next stage.

The 2nd stage consisted of recruitment tasks and a behavioural test. The tasks were designed and later assessed by the recruiters and founders. Candidates received a set of tasks, from which they chose the ones that suited them most. We were using a self-made point system to evaluate each candidate fairly. After that, we chose 22 candidates and invited them for interviews with inStreamly recruiters. 

Eight candidates with the highest score were selected and invited to an assessment centre. It was a meeting with the inStreamly board and the candidate. The committee asked more personalised questions and observed the way the candidates worked.

The final step was the best – an official invitation to the inStreamly team! The lucky 7 started working with us about a month after their applications were filled out!

Internship results

We are thrilled with the results! After the program’s end (2 months), 6 out of 7 interns joined the inStreamly team in junior positions! 

Warm welcome to: 

inStreamly interns

Interns’ opinions about the program

I felt like a member of a team and the company from the beginning. inStreamly members had faith in me and my work from day one. It allowed me to spread my wings. What stands out is that they let me organise my time however I like. I always have the time to stop and take a walk when I need to clear my mind.

 ~ Oliwia Azjan

This internship helps you acquire new skills and grow while surrounded by amazing people who share your interests and values. It feels very rewarding to participate in projects that empower streamers. This internship is perfect if you want to expand your skills in a supportive team while impacting the streaming world.

~ Aleksandra Konieczka

During the internship program at inStreamly, you quickly become a part of the team. You can work on actual business problems rather than artificially created ones as part of the internship. Thanks to the buddy and mentorship systems, you can work and learn from top experts.

~ Jan Bartkowiak

I loved the whole experience – getting to know great people and gaining knowledge. I had a fantastic opportunity to work in a position I was curious about. These two months genuinely reality-checked my previous assumptions about how business works! 

~ Aleksander Lisowski

The Final Word

Regret you didn’t apply? Don’t worry! Follow our website and social media for updates. We are positive that it wasn’t our last inStreamly internship. If you think you are a perfect fit, be sure to apply the next time. 

If internships are not for you and you have previous work experience, check out our open positions. We are always on the lookout for excellence!

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

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