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Adidas Took Their Sponsorship to Another Level by Providing Streamers With Shoes

Adidas Took Their Sponsorship to Another Level by Providing Streamers With Shoes

Creating more engaging and complex campaigns is something challenging but definitely worth the efforts put into it. When designing a brand’s communication, it’s good to check if different paths are somehow connected. The more they connect the more aware the recipients are of it. That’s exactly what we did with VMLY&R agency in the Adidas sponsorship campaign promoting ZX 2K Boost shoes.


The claim of the gaming edition of the campaign was “feel the ZXience” that encouraged to experience the world of ZX in a different dimension, to feel and test new shoes in unusual conditions, do something fun and crazy.


adidas campaign instreamly screenshot game fortnite


Adidas organized a fun challenge for two YouTubers to play Fortnite with “blobs” – special controllers used by feet. And our main task here was to direct people to watch those videos. We wanted the campaign to have more dimension, so we created a two-level campaign with our standard artworks to reach as many people as possible, and asked a few streamers to make special live streams to add engagement.

At inStreamly we mainly focus on making display campaigns on streaming platforms. And creating artworks that gamers and streamers can connect with. So creating a product placement campaign for Adidas sponsorship, especially it was our first time, was a challenge. But what did we learn from our experience is that if we really want to accomplish something, there is nothing that can stop us.



Reaction videos are one of the most popular formats right now, so our plan was for streamers to create dedicated live broadcasts where they react to the challenge made by YouTubers, show Adidas ZX 2K Boost shoes, and have some fun with their viewers playing Fortnite. In addition, during the streams our artworks appeared, encouraging viewers to check the challenge videos.

5 streamers got brand new Adidas shoes and showed their viewers what is to feel the ZXience. All of this created a complex campaign that both had a great reach and engagement thanks to connecting all the paths of the communication.

But most importantly, it was a fun experience not only for us in making something new, but also for viewers. They enjoyed the live broadcasts made by our streamers!

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